September 26, 2010

To anyone listening, I NEED any help possible. Please....

This is very hard to write, a desperate measure I feel horrid to even attempt...
But beyond desprate times call for it...and trust me- im ashamed and very embarrassed-
at what im about to post.

Within the past 3 months, our financial situation went from 'making it by' , to- donating blood for
food. I have done just about everything in my power to make money just to live, besides paying
anything off, as my 200.00 etsy overdue fee right now, is a huge number.

From daily garage sales, hussling anywhere i can for babysitting jobs, trying to find online data
entry jobs, or click advertisements for 5 cents a day...and today I have 3 dollars to my name.

In these past months, we knew- we were going to have to sell our home. And without funding for much
help to fix it up besides painters, all the labor of trimming HUGE partly dead trees on ladders, using power saws, plumbing ourselves, crawling under the scary cobwebb filled deck, painting everything externally, creating bookshelves from old crown molding, etc, cutting glass to fix broken windows, in this san fernando valley heat...its been a nightmare. The ovegrown huge backyard has involved so much- I never would have imagined myself doing. Then from moving huge airmoires, furniture everyday in and out for the garage sales, my back is a mess, but I can now pick up huge pieces of furniture now with one hand! (One good point, i guess :( , breaking our only old wooden rake, no choice but to use it giving me infected blisters all over my hands, inhaling way to much bondo and fainting, being hit with huge tree branches fillled with thorns, and bugs, i look like ive been stung by 50 bees. and I think reading this is doesnt sound like much. But the amount of uncertainty and 7 in the morning till 3 in the morning days of getting this house ready,
has taken many tolls on my physical and mental state. Threw this process, the appreciation ive gained for
those who have to be in extreme heat, fully clothed, mowing lawns and doing such jobs that make such little pay, it breaks my heart. Ive been rethinking my entire future, my etsy, everything. Being in such survior mode,
after 3degree burns (accdential) covering the bottom of both my feet, and still gimping around pulling weeds on my hands and knees, our dog's poison scare (fivel the chiuhaha), I think ive grown up more then I really would have wanted to. But the probabiltity of being homeless or living in our car, has become very real and plausible.

Our house is finally on the market, all the work has paid off. At dont know at what price to our well being,
but the labor is done. Now its a waiting game. We cant pay the morgage/internet/water power, and are
scared everyday, the ignoring of these monthly payments we couldnt and still cant afford, are going to
be turned off any day.

We have 2 bigger dogs and two cats, weve had for a long time. That part is going to be the worst. We cant keep them. Just writing that, my entire throat tightens, i cant. the day when they look at us, like "whats going on??" saying goodbye, its to real, and still trying to find a new place to live...

Im on nervous breakdown mode, I gotta pay my etsy bill, I worked so hard for 3 years on that store, and
its all crumbling. I cant loose it. Its been my life, my income, my pride and personal achievement that know one intially believed would be of any sucess.

What I am asking or attempting to, is if there is anyone who reads this, any kindhearted soul, i know there are still good people out there, i know and hope someone or something will hand me that helping hand, but anything- $1.00, any contribution, tiny or larger, would help me more then you guys would ever know. Some selfless act of anything, I am calling to a higher help. Please hear me.

If you wish to help, donate through paypal, the email address is

And if you email me, or want to be annoymous, but if not, after all this financial devastation is said and done,
hear you me- I will send you the biggest thank you goodie basket possible. I have so much hate in my heart lately, that I did not before all this. And im giving up on humanity these days. If someone gave me 5.00, the thought puts tooo many tears in my eyes.  It would make my day. and perhaps the potential outcome of our living for the week....

ANYTHING will help.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for reading,

much love i send to you,
jacqleen bleu

July 25, 2010

Photographers on etsy. The fairest of them all, my current obsession:sixthandmain

Shes live in LA, shes photographs places I know all to well, and have passed by amillion times, in ways I'd never think of. Ive been messing around with the "shining globe/circles" overlay type look for awhile with my own photography. Yet I can never get it just right. But this lady,
blows the orb photog users out the water. To me at least.

Theres to many to choose from, but I am inlove with the dreamy pinked, blurred, spotty LA series of photos. And all the rest that are different- the bottom four. Just beautiful.


See all sixthandmain photography work at her etsy site :

When life gives you lemons, GIVEAWAY WINNERS.

I loved all the answers, and was hard to pick, but these made me laugh,
and one of you, beyondrockz! haha you knew exactly my favorite "inside joke" gah i hate that but hehehe uts true, answer! You little manipulater you

Winners are:

1. Kayla said...

When life gives you lemons, squeeze the juice into a squirt gun and squirt it into someone's eye. It'll make you feel better.

2. One of a Kind said...
When life gives you lemons, marinate a piece of salmon, and then cut up the rinds and shove them down your garbage disposal.

You'll be full and healthy, and your kitchen will smell fresh.

3.Beyond the RockZ said...

When life gives you a lemon...
Use it to wipe off that one little streaky area on the chalkboard that your elementary school teacher missed. Then with a smile plunk it right on her desk and say, "nobody's perfect".

beyond the rockZ, i think teachers need to be educated on the add it creates in there students when they dont get that last dam chalkboard smudge wiped and were forced to look at it!!!! Throw us a stress ball to squeeze at least!


Convo me at with your address :)))))))))

Thanks to everyone who participated, ill be doing many more for easy wins :)

New New New at seaunicorn!

Just 25% of it :)

July 3, 2010

Ive broken all my toes


Loosing my mind.

GIVEWAY. When Life throws you lemons, you make..???

Obviously, lemonade, is not the answer here.

Be creative, have fun, whatever you think for a second of writing, say it.

Top 3 answers (I dunno, whichever 3 I like the most.)

Will win a free necklace from seaunicorn,,, "the eternal optimist"


im tryin with the enthusiasm......cause i like werid ass-normal-cute-i dunnooooo, etc responses. im impulsive. dont try to impress i dontttttttt care i love everyone. i cry when mustafa dies and watch american idol. just give responses ; )



July 2, 2010

Fates arrives in the strangest places.

My front lawn. hah.

I met Marcy, of rhan vintage on etsy at my garage sale...(the only person who dug into my old vintage stuff I decided to part with, but I like knowing its in the right hands :)

Marcy is beyond rad, and has quite an amazing collection of vintage/old world goods up for was hard to pick but here are some of my favorites...

See all at

That old clock radio, and globe....are really calling my wallet...

Etsy features Elle Moss.

Was so hapy to see her finally featured! One of the most deserving I can think of on etsy, and had assumed she had been a featured seller loongg ago. Shes is beyond talented, and I loved her interview.

And was extra happy to see two my older photography photos from our various trades, on the wall in th backround :))

She continues to put up amazing new work, and is always an inspiration.

June 25, 2010

girl-est, i love you for this.

8x8 fine art print, 15 bucks.

its been said, its been written, writings on hands and skin and profound wanting way to convey many dont work.

This does. To those who never believed in us, and comdemed art as the graveyard sentance, fck you, nicely- f you.  Weve already won. Maybe you'll get it all when your gone. But we know why were here, and what we will continue to visually bring into this world. I know, ill never stop. 
And when you said, to me.... "I was in clouds, so far out of reality, it was very dissapoiting, and really, you think you can be an artist, actor, this or that?? You've really lost touch with it all, what about graduating highschool and doing something normal?

f all them words weve heard in one shape form or another.

And awakes, your photo- AMEN.

LOOKING FOR logo/graphic art designer, for seaunicorn.

Really am looking for best of the best.
Costs- name your price, and if i believe in your skill, sold.

Random people whoever, anyone with intermediate photoshop/other digital art programing knowledge, ILLUSTRATORS!!!, in which I would be using a team,
Those with ideas, sketches, concepts, ive run out of time to do all the fun stuff
these days, And really want some professional or starving talent, to work with,
and really give seaunicorn a logo/slogan/design concept for such/illustration/

(a narwhal whale is key.)

The vibe I want is classy, appealing, whislt keeping the quirky playfullness of the narwhal whale, in which i want an illustration. Superior and super amazing font, im picky and have tons of fonts of my own, orator being a fav...

Ive had slogans etc, but Ive changed them over time and growth with my store, and now... as I know seaunicorn jewelry will soon be holding a vast variety of items, all unique, thought out, and made with every idea in me, the slogan "whatever your fancy", isnt doing it for me anymore. Its to vauge, but i dont want anything to direct.

Im not one to create a store around a trend. Things change, and fast. Innovation, is key to me. So any whimsical slogans---- out the window. The magical etc stuff worked at a time for the time it was oh so magic ridden, and the items were magical.

I love magical but when you start seeing it thrown up over etsy, every which way....its not so magical feeling anymore.

Anyways bottom line, I know there are so many people on here who do insane things,
and if ANY one of my little follow population (small and cozy  :) and gah hate the word follow, but IF any of you creative folks, looking for a job, or those of you who havent dwelved in yet, but have imagery to support your interest and premise to me.....

DO IT!!!

GO anyone!

Now is the time.

Seaunicorn is growing in ways top secret and unknown to the public,

And i need you digital concept artists.

like now.

AGAIN-------- i dont care what your charge is, if youve down cd cover design for the dears or whoever, name your price. Cause, shits taking off fast and the cost----
right now, happily, mean nothing to me. As I am not paying it. The top secret team is.
muahahahahahha, i wish i could reveal the future of seaunicorn, but i cant,
not yet, maybe not for awhile, but I need the BEST OF THE BEST

convo me.

Poll feedback from yous guys?

I love polls, i feel dorky putting them up and writing in the answers, but was happy
a nice lil group did participate day by day. And I really loved to see the results and found them helpful.

So I wanted to continue with the polls, but new ones everyweek,

And id love all the votes, that could help all us jewelry designers, even if its maybe not what we'd want to hear. We do it all for you, and I want to make sure I myself, truly consider whats an item or somthing to light up someones day, for lower prices now.

If you guys didnt like the polls to much, or thought there were to many answer options provided, please comment saying so,

And if you enjoyed the idea and watching the results, say so as well :)))

Thanks so much!

Much loveeeeeeee to you all and best of luck as always,



Thanks so much to all of you who took a second to vote, it means so much to me! And as well, I hope can help fellow jewelry sellers, get more valued feedback from those who matter most, our customers!

A few votes surpised me, but overall, the winning votes, did not. As I feel in the same boat. Though, I am sick of about 7 others of those trends listed ;).

The main results were as follows

What would you like to

see more of at seaunicorn:

1. %7 picked similar options
2. 4% voted more silver options
3. 3% percent voted more locket pendant pairings and also 3% who would
like to see more earring and rings
4. %2 voted for more ornate
5. 0% percent wanted to see options for brides.

Based on 11 people.

What trends/themes are you- in general; sick of/over... if any

Abit all over the map here, but main results:

1. With 6 % of folks sick of steampunk/twilight related
2. Paris france related at 5 percent
3. Crowns at 4%, and roses/zech flowers at 4%

Based on 13 people.

What stops you from buying at seaunicorn?

1. Price based on 6% of votes, highest. ( I lowered every item price significantly.)
2. 5% of those who voted as- having there eye on things.
3. 4% waiting for new items, 4% voted nothing hold them back but there bank account, and 4 % voted they couldnt decide on one thing
4. A few 1% votes, of nothing was quite me enough, or its all to girlie, I take into consideration and thank you!!

Based on 14 people

June 22, 2010

Necklace giveaway WINNER RESULTS! :)

Answer: figure skating, double axel.

And the WINNERS are: Tiffany, Teena Marie, and Dress up Scientist.

YEEEEEE!!! :)  Contact me via convo, at, providing your address, and choice between "3 wishes lamp pendant necklace" or "eternal optimist" necklace :))))

The little Story-

Started firgure skating at 10. My sister wanted to start taking lessons, so three times a week, my mom would drive us over there. And whilst my sister practiced before her hour long lesson- she'd pay for me- to just mess around in the "free skate session." They clear all customers when lessons begin. So id go up on the top area and watch my sis. yum and eat mcdonalds number 7. They had it IN the complex hehe. From my lone dog hours of free skate so many times a week days, all day, I started to teach myself things, and just loved it. But had picked up so much on my own, that when it came to putting me in a class, it was a bit of a head scratcher. My sister was now in level 2- alpha, and by protacal- i had to start at level 1, pre-alpha, with a bunch of 2-6 yr olds, and a teacher who was nicer then any person should be ALLOWED to be heh. Anyways after the first day session i took, he asked me why i was in this class? That he would write up a notice for me to move immediately to level 2-beta. So finally I was with my sister. But then, a bout 2 classes into beta, they moved me to level 3- alpha beta. Then started the underlying tension with me and my sister. I think she was very annoyed, because she started way before me, practiced more then me, and now- I was immediately again thrown to a higher course. Anyways in alpha beta, if im rembering right, becomes the main switch point to start "freestyle 1"
No, there is one more course before you get to freestyle. But they felt I didnt need it. So then I was in freestyle 1. Which was my downfall of my ice skating love. My sister joined me within a couple months. But it wasnt fun anymore. It got into edges, and all this fancy foot work I had never thought much about. "the inner angle of the front left blade, and ayeeeeeee. Me and my sister and about everyone in the class failed. Which is normal, as most have to take it 2 times. We took it again, and I passed, which would now send me, not to freestyle 2-3 but to 4-5. I dont know why. My sister was sent to 2-3. Then she quit. I felt really bad...but I wanted to see what 4-5freestyle would be all about. And it was fkin narly. Most girls in the class, had been in 3 times without moving up. I felt like i was just flying through it all till---that first day, strict scary teachers dwelving right into doubling every jump. Lutz, loop, salcow, ect. And really turning up the volume on spins. Beginning to teach- flying camel spins, (insane and scary to me still) layout spins, (i hate removing my eyes from the ice) and split jumps. (which in freestyle 1, theyd help you with a harness) I was fine with sit spins, backwards/reverse sit spins, camel sins, scratch spins, single jumps, speed, super crazy fast with front crossovers/backwards crossovers, left and right for each. im ambedextrious. Which did screw with alot of the things right handed girls could do, but i couldnt do as well as on my left leg. With alot of things, example- (im r handed) like a basic spiral. :/

Eventually, my mom paid for me to get a private coach instead. He was really rad, laid back, kinda hot, young, and pushed me just enough. We'd work on the fear factor of certain jumps, rotations, etc. As getting over the speed factor/scared to fall on your ass, is crucial. So i'd be doing my backwards crossovers, fast, then hed say- faster, and when i thought i was going pretty fkin fast, he said, now "i know you think you cant, but one level FASTER", "then enter it,  TOE PICK and DO IT". I was so frackin scared, i couldnt do it.
I eventually got over the fear of my little self limitations i'd set that werent even real, fell and scuffed myself up many times. But finally, I could do the split jumps, both ways with the legs haha. Then came double rotation jumps, a single axel. He'd help me the same way as with the split jump... it was similar as far as speed, and certain toe pick for certain jumps (not a loop), and from the speed, that 2nd rotation started to happen. Then we tried a single axel.
Which is the hardest jump, because you go into it- from a front angle. So the friction betwen your legs, to wrap them super tight, holy shit. It tooks me weeks. Gravity is not on your side with an axel. We perfected a basic axel overtime, then went into- the same speed factors as with everything id learned- just X2. We worked with a harness on this one, to try to axel with two rotations and land it. I was getting stuck at 1 and a half.
Even with his help on the harness. Two weeks later finally on that dam harness, after two hours, ---i barely remeber but my coach started cheering YES!!! I guess I finally did two rotations, double axel :). Now was time to try it on the ice, no harness. I dont know why or how or what got into me, but I felt so determined, maybe because I knew these private lessons costed my parents (before they divorced) a fortune. And i couldnt let them down. Anyways, the 2nd try on the ice, I did it. I was at that ice rink almost everyday for years now. Not because I had 2 x a week lessons with my private coach, but because I praticed constantly on free public skate sessions, and would then do the power skate military like crap after 6 hours of almost running into a million little kids.
I got to a point where, I knew id never be good enough probably to compete, and questioned if i really wanted to allow my parents to keep paying for the outrageous bills? That maybe is was just a hobby, and aye its been fun. So, I stopped.
I regret it sometimes, as looking back, i was young enough to have gone farther and possibly been a professional athlete. But... it all works out in a weird way

I still go skate once in a while, once a year or less maybe. But when im on that ice again, after a few laps, and attempts at my old skills/tricks. It comes back over a few hours like riding a bike. and, i dont always land it, but i can still do double jumps, and a double axel :)

Anyone I tell, they think its so random and whaaaa??? I CANT imagine you doing that?? or, I gotta see this. hah

Any ice skaters, I miss people who knew the terminolgy and all my old friends at the rink....Id love love to talk about figure skating w anyone whos been down my road/close to/or made it way farther ;)

Used to loveeee painting and distressing furniture, could do a cartwheel on the beam at 11 and other gymnastics randomness- back handspring, started my own "store" at 10, and started making soaps, lotions oils, all in these bottles from pier one, scented, colored, wrapped in goodie baskets with celophane... :) it was pretty funny for being ten. I got over it pretty fast once summer was over and school started up again..hehe

Much love,

jacq o bee

June 20, 2010

Rick berg/rodriquez documentary. If you havent seen it, I promise you-- you wont regret.

45 minutes of your life, that will not be wasted.

This documentary gets to the point, and the intensity starts pretty fast.
So if your not into it within 2 minutes- its not for you plausibly

But, I cant imagine, someone who wouldn't be- sadly captivated, by this real, poignant, disturbing, heart breaking, yet somehow "freeing", insane story of one boy to man and his chosen departure...

Perhaps I was left so sad... or felt a sense of - this saint watching us all,
who is finally, finally- using his profound need to help people, above us, somewhere...
I know he is a higher creation's masterpiece, sent to the abomination of his mother, for a purpose...sadly in that life, he'd never understand, TILL death. But for me, one person's-raw emotion, burning eyes, life story, has ever effected- moved- horrified- and deeply touched me on a level i wasn't yet aware I had.

Many know about the "children of god cult", but few to many, have heard/watched, there adopted baby messiah- rick bergs---- life and death history.

It may not shock some of you, or hit home to your heart, and for others it may border on tooo disturbing or to much emotional insanity and imagery to handle.

I don't know...

Sorry to drag whatever out, I could probably write a book on this abomination, so forgive my ramblings....


I want to grab him threw the video...
and hug him. its so painful .....
worth watching, most definitely.
Just to prevail his message....

love to you all, and tonight our love--
sending to rick, for taking his own,
just to make one of them-- wake up.
And he did not go- in vain.

Thus why I probably feel this need to further get his story heard,
for the sake, that what he died for was wishing to instill, and getting
not only the repsonse he didnt want, but the audacity of the blank confused face,
"they didnt even get it". And he felt, FUCK. I failed, but I also took a life,
desperate for answers... and they dont even fucking get that what they did was
wrong in anyway?! His ending, is more then tragic. Almost makes me wanna get ahold of that mother of his, and demand some answers as to HOW having sex with your five year old son is ok? and FUCK your free love bullshit. the 70's right? well, bitch i deem you worse then manson himself. And I loathe that crazy ridiculous fucker. BUT fuck you lady. ------ugh, shes still alive, still active in the cult, despite her sons suicide, her daughters exotic dancing and hookering to support her drug habbit. I dont blame her.
Thats what she knows. And what she hates, And the hate for men, slave to coke addiction, kill the memories of your dads tongue up your crotch and sodimy at 12 by not only your dad, but 50 other guys. ...I feel like, i may have been her... in one of my 5 lives. The pain/way she laughs when talking, and is in tears at the same time. Thatd be me. Dying for normalcy, trying to pass it off as.... gah crazy shit, but really- cant even fool anyone, the pain and permanent tear stained glass of the eyes, I love her just for even being able to try and add some form of lightness or humor.
Neverending. Sex/child orientanted shit going on almost at last one home on ...ok two blocks, F the "children of god" and the fuckin scum that molest there babies.

im so sick of it. How the shit.

Ohhhhhhhh the human race --- at times, just the fking biggest disgrace.



The scenes of setting the doves representing the 30- other kids raised in the cult who- killed themselves...and the last 10-6 minutes........i ache

F--- the bad reviews

The movie shutter island, was PERFECT, provoking, atomosphereic, visually stunning, and fuck.... leo's performances these past several years, come through the dam screen and grab you. In the best ways possible.

So good. Sorcesse fans- eh there just jaded.

for anyone who did see it- no spoiler- but youll know the part,
one of my favorites, the intense pen to paper scratching, growing, with
LD's ways of doing snarky and audacity-factor dialouge--- just fking amazing
'AMEN' moments, he delivers, and his eyes...., ugh he is my favorite these days.

Wow crispin was in alice in wonderland?

I miss him.

Speaking of that.......... (it sucked, but another time i guess ill write my mindless thoughts about it. doubt anyones dying to hear it ;)

lalalalalalalalalalaalala, need to duplicate, edit photos, VIRURS on one of my computers, printer isnt worked, no sales past two days, lowered ALL seaunicorn prices, blue screen of death BS (no really IT people call it this. Or BSOD tehehe)
I may be moving this month, not by choice, to another state...

ANYWHERE but here. Ive lived in LA my whole life, and im over it. To little of time to waste here. Portland, I want to come your way........ !!!!!!

Live in the "matise" or riverfront apt insanely amazing complexes. Sell my car, get a bike, and start over in a new enviroment. Its so smoggy, hot crowded, and materialistic here. Maybe everywhere, but LA is the fkin pits to me right now.

who am i talking to?

vent, im venting, i think? man, i need a diary, or a therapist. No many words and thoughts . arggggggggg

love you al,

June 18, 2010

NECKLACE GIVEWAY post UPDATE!!! HINTTT and one option-- OUT.

Making it easier I hope :)

The answer that is NOT,
a current hobby/or something im able to do........

 paint and distress furniture ;)
 (not enough reason to these days)

3 options now,


and just to reiterate,
to people who have posted-
Im edit copy pasteing the latest comment i wrote; in the main GIVEAWAY POST,

that, triggered this............ NEW post,

here it is:  ( i suck at writing without gettin wordy)

humdudahum said...

im gonna just do a lil favor for you's guys...Paint and distress furniture-
IS NOT the answer. Had a year run wear it was a fun weekend hobby,
but, nowadays i dont have the time. I wish though...Only cause,
so many people think this lil thing out of all others, bahaha,
i just have to step in. And good call, but not in the options anymore.

So for anyone who DID write this as there answer,
you guys can answer ONE MORE TIME. now that u know;
your answer was wrong- look at the other 3 and try once more :)

i want everyone to win...I will make a post update,
that distress/paint old furniture, is ZAP.
No longer in the game...

June 18, 2010 9:12 PM

love love love to you all,


Need your guys help! NEW POLLS id love to get feedback from.

I made several polls, and I dont know
how to put them directly into a bllog post,

So over to the top right of my blog, there a few,
i'd appreciate so much if anyone reading,
familiar with my jewelry store seaunicorn on etsy,
would take a minute to answer honestly.

Feedback always helps, and im curious to see,
if my own personal votes/thoughts- correspond to yours guy input... 

Hope to use the results, for some more new ideas-
I really want to get up and ready for sale :)))

much love,

June 16, 2010


Out with the old, IN with new.
As far as Seaunicorn. I love these pieces so much,
yet I think they def get shadowed by other more unique items.
So, im offering my little beauties up to anyone who wins.

I will pick the winners, based on if they get the answer- to the question below; correctly.

(My brains abit dead right now, and this is all I could come up with on the spot.)

Based on my stores on etsy, blog,
anything you may know/seen about me,
which is not much at all. muhahaha


*Out of the four below options, which would you choose as a random
skill/hobby I have/or am able to do:

1. A cartwheel on a gymnastic beam.
2. Figure skating- A double axel.
3. Paint and distress old furniture.
4. Make soaps and lotions

Your guess is, hey your guess. You have no idea, so just go for it, and hopefully win :)  and for the record, there is one main answer.

I'll pick 1-3 winners. Depending on how many of you pick the right answer. And as a winner, you will recieve a choice between- "the eternal optimist" or "three wishes" necklace in my seaunicorn store.

I will keep the post open for 1-3 days. No one who perhaps did in fact pick the right answer, will be notified or in the know. Untill, I determine it closed, and then annouce the winners. hope yous guys take a gander...and ill try to get more creative on my next giveaway, and have it nothing to do about me. But thought this would be really hard and yea...

you may reply with 1 answer, 2 times.

much much love to you all,



May 29, 2010

Milestone give-way UPDATE. Have picked the designs :)

I loved  ALL the ideas. Thank you guys so much for taking the time to come up the wondrous sounding concepts.

I will be creating them all shortly, and will send each of the designers- there interprated creation, as well as sell them in my store, with designer credit given :)!!
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