January 20, 2009

Etsy butterflies.

1. Cloth Butterflies in Flight (8.00!!) at KelliKathleen.etsy.com
2. Butterfly wrist cuff (40.00) at bijoutiful.etsy.com
3. Follow me II 5x7 image (25.00) at lushbella.etsy.com
4. Vintage Butterfly Letterpress Printer Block (3.50) at QuiteRightSlick.etsy.com
5. Butterfly on a Wire Perching Decoration: (6.00) at royalbuffet.etsy.com
6. Butterfly Wall Hanging in Natural Papers (22.50) at roundhousedesigns.etsy.com
7. Petite Papillon Butterfly Ring: (32.00) at Bijoutiful.etsy.com
8. Photography at labokoff.etsy.com
9. Vinyl Wall Mural Art Decal: (23.99) at synergysignworks

Midnight find.

Ive seen tons of notebooks, recycled journals, etc all over etsy. But this one really is a step above.
A little "handmade book measures 4.25 x 6 inches"50 pages for SEVEN bucks!!

Buy at burgundydistrict.etsy.com

Even better, the pages consist of recycled papers from; a 50's chilrens book, 70's national geographic, sewing books, and indie mags. Plus- you get a variety of maps, cardstock paper,
blank papers, patterns, photos, all sorts of random goods.

"Paint, sketch, admire, think, and learn new things" A "multi-functional, environmentally friendly journal and feel those creative juices start to flow once again"

To cute. I want it. And the price is unbeatable.

Photog focous: irene suchocki

There is something so magical and understated about irene's work, it always gets me. The simplest shots, to the more elaborate ones, its all a beautiful dream. The fading color schemes and vintage washed imperfections. The subject matter; from giraffes, to ferris wheels and wonderland trees, dandelions, birdcages and butterflies, I am in love with her work.

Purchase at irenesuchocki.etsy.com

January 19, 2009

1. Avocado Green Large Suitcase: (42.00) Available at happydayvintage.etsy.com
2. Modern hand crafted silver vases: (16.00) Available at mudpuppy.etsy.com
3. Mustard Greens cowl: (15.00) Available at IMPLEXUS.etsy.com
4. Vintage Postcard Clock: (34.00) Available at jessjamesjake.etsy.com
5. 2009 Black and Gold Letterpress Calendar: (22.50) Available at smeurer8.etsy.com
6. Your Own Bunch of Flowers. custom-made: (70.00) Available at lapomme.etsy.com
7. 20 Vanilla scented Hand-dipped Charcoal Incense Sticks: (1.75) at craftysteph.etsy.com
8. Read-8x10 fine art print: (23.00) Available at drockphotography.etsy.com
9. White as Snow Dress: (455.00) Available at sarahseven.etsy.com
10. "Everything that was good" fine art print: (35.00) Available at aliciabock.etsy.com


Beautiful, haunting, and perfectly romantic in a dreamy,
strange, yet very loud way, Thebunnycage.etsy.com is such a great find.
Quaint little shop, with beautiful mixes of
photography and mixed artwork.

Find at thebunnycage.etsy.com

County fair5x7 15.00 available at honeytree.etsy.com

the random.

racheal scott photography, macel dzama, benicio.
kurt, robert and shana parke harrison photography, poor henry bemis

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