January 22, 2010

Etsy Find. lejardengirl Photography :)

lejardengirl headlines "little pieces of things I adore..." Well, have to say, little pieces of things I MORE then adore. These simple yet unique and just beautiful dreamy captures, immediately caught my eye. A lovely little quaint little photography store I cant wait to see more from. She sells the images in a 5x7 size, for only 10 dollars! Amazing find. Here's some of her stunning work...

January 16, 2010

Seaunicorn finally returns. A glimpse of things to come.

I had so many plans/ideas/works in progress for the new year, before falling into a pneumonia at the end of of December. Has been quite awful, and left me bed ridden for what felt like a hopeless forever. Three weeks later, I am finally better, and so excited for all the new items, 50 plus coming super soon...so a sneak little peak for anyone wandering about....
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