May 31, 2009

pupppetttssss time

I don't know what it is about these puppets by etsy seller staceyrebecca, but they bring me back to childood, and make me want about 5, as an adult.
How cute is the little grey dog looking all awkward and adorable?? And the mouse or, bunny? I love how you almost cant name the exact animal :)

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Will list stores shortly

Favorite etsy jewelry shops of the week...

Love love love the feel, colors, and charming-ness of the following store. Worksinprogress, a photographer/jewelry designer, carries a lovely abundance of whimsical gems. She was so friendly as to offer an interview....

1. What got you interested in jewelry making?
I've actually been interested in jewelry making for a long time; when I was younger I used to make little friendship bracelets and beaded bracelets too. As I got older, my range improve
d and I think my pieces have too. ;) And I didn't get my ears pierced until I was 17 (about a year and a half ago)! After that, I started buying tons of earrings all the time, and really got interested in jewelry making then. And that is the first jewelry I would make and sell, stud earrings, which are good for beginners as they are simple enough. And then I started finding all these adorable charms and things, so I began to make necklaces and such. It's nice to be able to think up a design I would like to wear myself, and then be able to make it too. Because sometimes you might not be able to find a ready-made piece like you are looking for.

2. Which do you prefer, photography or jewelry creations?
I love both, but I think I prefer the jewelry creations. And I think in this economy, people are more likely to buy something they can "use". So they'd rather buy a piece of jewelry they
can wear instead of a photo. Plus, selling online, I can combine both! So I can take interesting product photos which satisfies both aspects.

3. What does the jewelry world need more of?
I think the jewelry world needs more "whimsical" pieces. I find that a lot of sellers don't have that to
uch of whimsy. But I really think that is what people are looking for, they would like something unique and clever that isn't just some beads strung along a chain. So I try add some whimsy and clever-ness into my pieces; the jewelry themselves, the photos, the listing writeup, the name, etc. Especially online, people are buying an "experience" basically. And sometimes it can be tough to do that unique, whimsical thing, without seeming overly childish.

4. What are your favorite things to shoot?

I love taking photos of flowers, even "weeds" if they look pretty! I also like old books, and vintage-y things. And I love self portraits! But the reason for that mainly is because I don't really have any other models available all the time. ;) And I also like to take photos of things that aren't necessarily seen as "pretty", but I can try and capture their beauty in an interesting way (like with the weeds).

5. Who/what are some of your top three influences?

I have always been a big fan of the Olsens! h
aha, and I really admire their style, business skills, etc. And then my very favorite poem is Edgar Allan Poe's "Annabel Lee" and a lot of my pieces are inspired by lines taken from it. I also just love words in general! So another big influence of mine is music, and I take great meaning from song lyrics.

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Another current favorite shop, would be yellowgoat.
Everything is so
classic, simple, beautiful, and feels so original.
She photographs her work amazingly.
I want everything she makes, but I think the ring box the most :)

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Now, a must see store. So creative. Take a look at the bridal section.
I want that 150.00 necklace!

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Finally, by Opulentoddities, a fun, creative, edgy shop,
with tons of amazing necklaces.
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mauve world.

May 25, 2009

New shop items! :D

the birdies song, whistle necklace,
and little dainty knotted golden bow... now available :))

May 20, 2009

rings roses masks and always adorable friend elle moss

hide and seek. from left to right:
doppelganger 2 print, by elle moss, at
flutterbye fine art photograph, by kristy bee, at
pearl pod ring by kathiroussel, at
pink vintage table by vintagechicfurniture, at
willa rose locket by me, at
doppelganger 7 print, by elle moss, at
twelve pink roses by efinegifts, at
vintage masquerade necklace by cosmicfirefly, at
zebralongwing fine art photograph, by kristy bee, at
a visit, by elle moss, at

May 19, 2009


left to right: Pemberley necklace by feminesque, at, Chanel photograph by kristybee, at, Vintage pinstripe shirt from kitbits, at

Tuesday etsy picks.

From left to right:

1. They make a nice pair by: buckscountyframes, at
2. Mustard Fancy Bunny by stitchface, at
3. Brown Hooded Owlet Headband by mothlove, at
4. light brown cat eye glasses by wickedpen, at
5. Flirtation. Photo pack by ashleycloud, at
6. Prairie Leaves coasters set of four by folk, at
7. Vintage taupe slip dress by wickedpen, at

Etsy spotlight on: Urbandesign and Mindy Strauss

Two of my new favorite photographers on etsy currently. Iv'e stumbled upon urbandesign on many occasions, but yesterday I believe was the first time I looked at the store as a whole. And fell in love. Utterly soft and magical photos that took me to another world of dreams.

From left to right: love blossoms II, tower of yesterday, wishing star, love struck, wishing, i dream,
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Mindy Strauss from Portland, Oregon, has quite a quaint shop of serene magical views and glimpes of europe; and other treasures. Haunting, subtle, and perfect shadowing. "Shes a fortress" I think is my absolute favorite.

From left to right: Faces, Distance, Delish, Haunted, Musical Chairs, and Shes a Fortress.

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etsy spotlight on: dinosaurtoes

From left to right: "just give it a ring" vintage bell necklace, best left hidden - necklace, raindrops on roses earrings, romantic textile no. 2 - necklace, mein sternchen - necklace, my sweet nothing - lariat necklace

Being a jewelry designer as well, I actually buy more jewelry from others, then one may think.
Ive bought about 5 pieces from this wonderful seller now, and have loved/worn each one. Her items are consistently changing, everything feels so, one of a kind a very special. She packages lovely, and provides such friendly service. Has become one of my favorites jewelry stores to hit, when i need something new and unique on all of etsy.

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May 10, 2009

Etsy spotlight on: sarahseven

She had me at more then hello, with classy fairytale, meets modern vintage-esque designs. Im pretty much obsessed with all of her feminine creations. Seen on the FP of etsy all the time, they never get old. Every piece, is so magical and dreamy. The soft muted colors, beautiful fabric, and perfect attention to detail. Highly attractive and flattering cuts, plus no unnecessary elaboration's which I see on so many beautiful dresses ( I usually rip off that diamond or other tack designers tend to add on garishly). Plus she is so friendly and lovely. I plan to def drop some money on a few pieces. My favorite has to be the robins egg dress. Im short, and love to see a good, above the knee, whimsy mini dress.

I don't even know how sarah is on etsy. Though a great starting ground (leanne, PR winner used to be on, or still is), her work blows my mind. I could see it on the runway easy. Definitely a future name to watch for in the high fashion industry, and way to good for anything like project runway. Shes gonna go far this one.

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New new new!

My items should be back up and running very soon, just need to get in touch with etsy asap.

But preview of some of the TONS of new pieces coming soon....

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