December 27, 2008

Grey matter

1. Yacht Club Top ($216)
2. Sass and bide "ballad of you and me" t: (150)
3. Marni maryjane pumps: ($435)
Grey sweater jacket: ($54)
5. Binetti mini skirt:
6. Fiona tee: ($135)

December 21, 2008

Winter beach neutrals

1. Organic tank by Hende ( I own about 3 in various versions and I must say they are my top favorite tanks): ($) at
2. Cage on a beach 7x5 photograph by lightroom: ($) at
3. Fairytale skimmers, light beige suede: (shoes, flats)
4. Bird on the leaf necklace by me. ($28.50)
6. Lariat Gold Sparkle scarf by Fray: ($28) at
7. Peacock
8. Glass float earrings by marieflyfly: ($23) at
9. Pillow talk 8x10 photograph by yoknoo:
10. A world forgetting by the world forgotten 8x6 photogragh: (21.50)
11. In its bed a diamond, clamshell pearl necklace: (28.50)
12. cashmere cape by sanchia845: ($275) at

Focous: Jamie wayne shy sea trinkets and photography.

Jamie wayne, 16 , has had an knack for creativity since only a toddler. Vivid dreams, childhood thoughts relished in glowing lights, saturated with glimmer, bubbles, and pearly oceans. Jamie is my younging sister, and without being bias, her feather creations and surreal long stretching sea photography is utterly beautiful.
Like golden diamonds glistening, falling just upon suns going to little love has abajillion photographs yet to put up, that are purely captivating.
Her current focus as of now, are carefully/thoughtfully made plumage feather hairbands and pieces, little whimsy trinket gems, and waters hitting shores like no other.

Able to view/buy at:


1. Jefferey Campbell high motorcycle boots:
2. Nounou Nourishing Illuminating shamp and conditioning cream:
3. Tree bed:
4. French lace ajustable bag by TortillaGirl: ($74)
5. Nesting doll photograph by englishmaninps: ($8)
6. Storage bench, seafoam:
7. 8x10 original fine art photograph by yvetteinufio: ($20)
8. Dogwood notebook by Photobird: ($8)
9. Sally green coat by Littlehouses: ($395)

Etsy wonderland.

1. white jersey top by larimeloom: ($98)
2. Wordy Butterfly Mobile by royalbuffet: ($36)
3. Calm before the storm with frame by jeremisavoie: ($45)
4. Single Twisted Stack ring- made to order by silentgoddess ($14) by
5. LEMONSTORY Fall shirt dress by Kimenna: ($92)
6. Sofias Nestled Pearls, made to order by Bijoutiful: ($58)
7. Heidi crown by whichgoose: ($40)
8. Baby Hare Soft Sculpture by dragonhouseofyuen: ($25)
9. Vintage couture cloud locket by me: ($33)
10. Lone Horse. 11x14 photograph by JaredKS: ($35)
11. Learn new language show curtain:
12. The Inspiration Apple by lapomme. ($16)
14. Faceless lover Photograph by Nicole Anne Robbins:
15. Small oxidized silver hoops by metamorph: ($14)
16. Rainy day feel by everydaymoments: ($)
17. International love clover by me: ($27)
18 Icicle necklace by marieflyfly: ($58)
19. Hemp blossom bag by infusion. ($ 65)
20. Flock jacket by wearflock. ($160)
21. Mystical ring by
22. dent de lion photograph by labokoff: ($26)

23. Hemp Organic Cotton Mens T-shirt by Uzura: ($34)

finds finds low to high gift guide

1. Man on wire DVD, (beautiful riveting documentary): amazon, ebay, anywhere mostly.
2. Marc by Marc Jacobs watch: ($200) net-a, direct link:
3. Grey tank dress: ($24), under "cami's and tanks"
4. Chole Saskia square tote: ($2,005)
5. Silence and noise long thin white t: ($38) under "cami's and tanks"
6. Beautiful Losers (book) contemporary art and street culture. ($30-40), best bet is ebay to find it in the 30 price range.
7. Periwinkle powder blue bow flats ($23.00, loveee them dearly, unique color, sturdy wear, perfect.): Ebay-, direct link:
8. Modal button girl short underwear: ($6.99, on sale!), direct link:

Etsy Features. Burgandy barks.

Seasonal finds, rich and warm reds, frosted and creamy neutrals. Photography, clothing, journal, ear and neck decor, purse, scarfing, etc..1. Simple morning stack, photography:
2. Pick a pear, photography:
3. Espresso barking, photography:
4. Holidays over dress:
5. Wooden egg necklace:
6. Journal/sketchbook hardcover:
7. Cranberry nuggets, rich lovely earrings:
8. Neck decor and warmth:
9. Truffle barely red bag:
10. Lovers, photography 8x10:
11. Booties:
12. Baby snow, photography 8x10:

Etsy features. Blushing cyan winter pretties.

Vintage eye wear, simple garden organic earrings,
shades of blushing pinks, gilded gold, light cyans,
creamy ecru, and dreamy grey.

Simple, vintage inspired, whismy, feminine, subtle.
Washed yet beautiful hue's, today's little etsy features.

1. Vintage eyewear "big nerd glasses":
2. Waldorf inspired Scandinavian Matryoshka Doll softie:
3. Gold silhouette frame:
4. Ballet pink "garnet flower" earrings:
4. Paper made rabbit carosuel:
5. Pebbles and pods, grey/pink necklace:
6. Vintage cloudy white lace lamp shade:
7. Garden "organic" sage hoops:
8. "Nostalgia", 8x8 fine photography print :
9. Wallet, Cloud blows "brown wind in your sails":
10. Twigly flowrly: shet I cant find her :/

I hope you head for the hills, it's there that you will find me, and its there that we will be beautiful.

You wait. You wait for something that will make the wait, worth the wait.

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