March 31, 2010

Frack american idol.

But I am a bit fanatical about it. Getting into my snuggy (im obsessed),
and fast forwarding all ryan's crap, to some real fuckin crap.
I don't even know who I like anymore. is my fun guilty forum read.
And they can always say it better as just as I would...
and I agree with there rambling rambles,
on this pretty shat season of AI.


Rowr17: I though Siobhan's upper register sounded strained. She, Lee and Crystal were my faves headed into the night, and as far as I'm concerned, Lee and Crystal wiped the floor with her tonight.

March 19, 2010

Mookie and fivel?? Im testin the waters of a a kinda cat and fat cat.

So far there doing good besides a few swats and hisses from mookie. They sleep in the sun 8 inches apart from each other on my bed, and where ever fivel is, mookie will come around shortly. Either cause she wants my attention, or wants to continue her curious wonder...of what the hell fivel is. I think she thinks hes a little kitten. Unlike my other cat Chloe, whom is mookie goes up to... theres ALOT of tension and if to close, one will swat or run away. But fivel just looks at her and the more I keep an eye on them and bring them closer together, assuring them its ok and not making it tension filled, they've been doing so well. Mookie is the most loving thing... to me only these days. But when she was a baby, she was so friendly and rubby kissy to ANYONE. Like a dog. Now shes about 7 and pretty chubs, and mainly sleeps, begs for food, and then purs and rubs my face for attention. I so badly want her to do this to fivel. But I can already see,

Etsy shopping for baby Fivel.

Words cant convey my love for this puppy, i seriously feel like i have a new infant to care for. And care about in crazy protective ways I didn't know I had in me. But anyways, at the salvation army today I found a little terracotta leather backpack with cute stitching, and my first thought? yay my papoose carrier for fivel! I know I KNOW. But you'd have to see him in it and how dam cute the whole ordeal is. He really likes it in there. I cut out all the inside fabrics and foam parts, then scissor cut a circle initially, so he could poke his head out a tiny bit, then i gave the circle ears and it looked like a devil, so I then made it into a square, and NOW mannnn, he can get out of the fckn square. And I thought it was the perfect size for his head to peak through, and now shit... its to big. But once im walking with him, yeah strapped on like a papoose hehe ( i hate that word papoose...really cringeworthy) he doesn't try to squirm out, out of fear, from the distance to the ground... just once I put the bag down on my bed he goes nuts to get out. But when carrying him, he just pokes his head and ears out. It looks like a backpack with a dog head in the middle, its so cute and pretty wtf funny. But hey, he started liking it,...kinda... no torture device! Just maybe if I go to the market or somethin... hehehe

Anyways then my brilliant idea of what can I do to the backpack thing.... cause I can never help myself... I thought carving out an F. But way to hard. So etsy is good for almost everything, search: vintage: F pin. Didn't find much, so i went with buying cute vintage pins of all the animals he reminds me of. A deer mostly. but as well a siamese, FOX, kangaroo, and mouse of course :)

I bought them all, im such a dork i know but oh well. Im gonna pin them all the the bottom.
Watch, he'll bite and tear at the ventilation square I cut,and rip the leather with his baby teeth, and then I got some funny animal pins. eh there so cute im sure ill figure something good out... sorry this is pretty not intersting.. butttt

Heres the pins, and new pictures of fivel. Sleeping on Hayden, and making his funny serious face with my mom. Oh, the chihuahua bookmark,... don't ask. I just like it. gah im loosin it.

March 18, 2010


Dress form
A large antique golden harp :)
A royal dandy pig. (they stay piglet size!!) google now if you havent seen them, so cute!
Dresses from sarahseven on etsy
Glimmery muted gold curtains with some twinkle
a tamagachi virtual pet from the 90's. hehehe
glass slippers. really.
a new camera!
a video camera
Renaissance costume-like Victorian movie set big ornate ballgowns. I like dress up
A hair grow miracle.
realistic mermaids fins.
The bravery to shave my head.
French bistro patio set.
Gardening stuff. I want to plant seeds and have a little pomegranate tree.
A fountain. Just everything to complete my wonderland backyard...a ladder into the treehourse im making, tea lights, a grill, white roses, baby trees, lanterns, koi fish pond. finish painting the victorian shed and make it a place to sleep, ah ill get it done one day.

March 15, 2010

Wha?? I WON!!! YAY!! Best etsy product photos!!

Was so surprised to see a lil "2010 winner" label over my name, I was in 2nd but pretty far behind ayra weddings beautiful work. I'm so shocked, as I pretty much gave up voting there at the end, or trying to get anyone else to...BUT YEEEEEEEE!! so awesome, and everyone who voted for me, like I said in the initial post, if I won- id send you all a free locket.

And Im sticking to my word. FREE lockets to everyone who commented that they voted!

Please leave a comment on this post, if you prefer a 24 inch gold snake chain, or 17 inch with the locket. (only options)

And then convo me your address on etsy :) USERNAME: seaunicorn

yay yay yay!

March 6, 2010

The Box?? James marsden I LOVE YOU.

Ok who saw the movie "the box"?? I mean coming from the director of Donnie darko, I figured i'd posses that very on purpose, confusing undertone, meant to be deciphered by watchers in a million ways... so nothin else is out movies are pretty take it or leave it lately, - just on demand rented this box stuff... no spoilers, but 30 min in, I thought I had it completely figured out...

The goal, the cycle of the box, the purpose, the nasa underlying involvement obviousness, and the upcoming sadness. But maybe I drifted off at some crucial parts while drawing in my sketchbook (how artistic fuck you did that sound ? no I really suck, but love trying) and im left pondering the very very close to end sad scene, the actual end, and the half faced man looking at his 'next box. Because, I don't want to mess it up for anyone, I dont want to state my conclusion or take, cause im also pretty dam confused. But I always feel like a fucktard reading Guilty on many occasions, but can someone help me out??? Maybe the cheap trader joe's red headachey wine. But I thought this would be a more confessedly fun, lil somewhat thrilling, non-amazing piece of work- like 'eagle eye' or some gov. shit. Trailers really mislead you. SCI FI and just SAD and WTFFFFFF. And gah with that santa ringing the bell in a trance, just camping out in the middle of the road?, try any harder for the donnie darko weirdness factor?? c'mon

shha. Did watch inglorious bastards with my sister before this box, 2nd time seeing it and loved it 5 times more. I have some peeves with it. But brad pitt (and the tension, amazing acting, high autenticity and take on it) make me just wish i was half as genius as quentin, who i have a slight love/hate relationship with. But brad... NOVACK FROM THE OFFICE?? ahaha my awkward little ryan, anyways pitt just makes me laugh and smile and really really puts me in a trance of wishful momentary thinking, that perhaps im watching a documentary, and the atrocities actually did end much sooner then the abhors that continued in actuality. Think if I had a bat, staring at a nazi who so easily did away with precious scared children, there families... id have no problem smashing that cunning smile/pound his skull in; office space printer style, at all. Nope, I would not care. not even slightly.

ps. james marsden! im so happy this guy is now in a leading role. 2nd noah anyone? darby made it half assed somehow, but I love james. I think he has a very uncontrived, and realistic way of presenting his lines and expressions. ok seven thousand dresses wasn't a remarkable performance, but I hope to see him get into more grit. He can make me cry... and I like that.

A bit tipsy, and about to go plier in some leafs for my not selling '3 pearls in a pod necklace'.
Those things are trickier then i initially remembered bending to pod form. gah I hate when you do something random and almost effortless with no expectations for the outcome, then when you try again, ACTUALLY trying, its ironically much harder.

Don't drink and blog,

i posted some god awful unreadable message several days ago, without my glasses on, abit buzzed, and god the shame of seeing that I actually published the post... shit. Luckily no one really read it. Blogger+crazy lil me+drinks, is one big fking mess. but im sure it will happen on many lovely upcoming occasions.

I love violet bella. Her photo is utterly my dream girl lesbo-straight crush. and she needs to come to LA now. I want to braid your hair, and dance. I was serious when I said I love loving strangers.

Mookie attacked Fivel tonight. I felt so mean givin mooks a lil spanking and kicking her outside. Lil tail between her now chubby thighs, just so disgruntled. Just when I thought maybe she'd want to snuggle w him. I think I pushed the boundaries alil to far. I basically took them both in each arm and tried to make them hug. tehehehehe I'm on a mission for cats and lil dogs to cut the shit out and be like these oddball couple miracles on animal planet. I believe in you mooks. i do

shes hissing at me only a little bit. and i want to pick her up by her scruff and knock some sense into her. then a stop and think, shesus.... what kinda mother am I going to make?
but don't attack an innocent baby puppy :( so mean mookie. so mean

March 5, 2010

New baby fivel.

Never cared for chihuahua's or yappy small dogs in general. They gotta bad rep for sure, which sucks, cause this dog is the sweetest, smartest, loving, non-yappy, loving little dog ever. And I could not be happier. So glad I dismissed everyone who said I would go nuts having a chihuahua and why spend 8grand on some rat when you could save another poor dogs life? Well I am the biggest animal lover there is, and hopefully one day can have a ranch and save every pound animal out there. But hey, dogs at pet stores need to be saved to.

Fivel is almost 5months, think hes a miniature one, not teacup, but not going to get to big.

My other baby, my half Siamese queen mookie, is cooping better then I thought. She does
not seem to understand quite... what he is. Its like a deer, mouse, siamese, dog, and fennec fox all got together, some gangbang 200 yrs ago and came up with this. ew shut up jacqleen. heh anyways he mainly reminds me of a baby fox. Hes burrows and digs and climbs around your neck to sleep... he HOPS so dam high, I wanted a fennec fox BAD and was ready to find someone in Oregon where its legal to help me get one, but fivel acts more like a cuddly fox then anything, im so overjoyed.

Yet to get a really good picture of him, he doesn't like the camera and wont sit still for it, but here he is with my mama, (who swore off anymore animals, as me and my sister have left her with 4 she takes care of that we begged her for when younger, but shes almost more obsessed with this lil guy then me and hayden)

on my moms lap, tired fivel

March 3, 2010

Etsy finds, me want!!

Upcycled roses by edyodeco, 12.50 at
and gold glimmering gorgeousness from AbbyBlaine,
18.00 print at abbyblaine.etsy.fom

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