December 13, 2009


Those old drunken pirate photoshoots, for you my phillip olive hoffman.

October 16, 2009

The little rainy day story.

Darkly romantic jewels,
Gorgeous serene photography,
random Interior design inspiration

1. white and brass rosary ($36) by sadieolive at
2. 'Illume' photograph ($35) by Aliciabock at

3. Unknown found image 4. Found Flicker image artist unknown
5. Little feather necklace ($21) by Laralewis at
6. Photograph by Eilwen, at

7. Key to Pandora's box ($26) by MissCAlexandria, at
8. Pretty unknown interior design inspire room

9. Victorian Frame & Print ($95) by sadieolive at
10. 'August Lights' (35) photo by Alicia bock at

11. Pretty unknown bathroom interior design inspire room
12. Audrey Necklace ($19) by laralewis at

13. Lotus sage earrings ($20) by Paradox at
14. 'A Visit' Photograph ($30) by ellemoss at

August 20, 2009

Etsy spotlight on: OdalisPetitMenagerie

OdalisPetitMenagerie makes the most beautiful, delicate, unique headbands ive yet to see around etsy. I love her use of metals, a renaissance-like soft nature, gold/silver juxtasposition, and such femine dainty pieces. Had to buy the gold and silver dragonfly band, and must say it was even more stunning in person. Plan to buy many more :)

View buy at:

Jewelry sellers I adore

From left to right: floral brooch by Damsongin, at tons of treasures! Vintage avon glimmer point ring from Windowsill, at and beautiful earrings both from fariedtreasures, at :)

Shoe obsession.

I lately am shoe crazy. If I get obsessed with somethin, whether makeup, clothes, hair things, SHOES, I get obsessed for the week. Right now I am in love with CLEAR shoes. Dying for the chanel ones off ebay, but there to pricey for me. Found great knock offs from "classified", that I adore. Sizes run small though, I am a 71/2, might have to buy an 8.

From left to right: see through classic black patent leather Chanel flats (200+) Gabriella rocha suede black flats, (, about $40 not bad at all) Marais USA pink ballet, (hard to find, about &70) Marais USA prince wedge ($80 bucks on

Left to right: Classified clears I bought from ebay, $20 bucks, Stuart Weitzman clear gold heels (100-200+), Sucker for seafoam, so some dainty little ones from, and
600$ bow pumps from valentino,

Ahh just to cute.

From Left to right:

Favorite Yellow Dresser $375.00, by OhClementine,
Buttercup luck mixed paper journa,l by afiori ,
Favorite Yellow Dresser $375.00, by OhClementine
Vintage French Rococo style Porcelain Vases $12.00, from elitas ,

ETSY Spotlight on: Munieca

Everything in this charming etsy store by Munieca, is just adorable. Beautifully photographed, and rather unique, to say the least. Consisting of sweet handmade jewelry, a vast range of whimsical artwork (from Alice, to mushrooms, to victorian tim burton-esuqe girls,) bookmarks, and much more, a definite store to take a look at!

Here are just a few of my favorites, was hard to pick :)

Growing II - print - 15.00
Paper bird earrings, 6.00
Growing print, 15.00
Celeste Paperdoll earrings, 8.00

View buy at :

July 3, 2009

Michael Jackson. A long, but must read.


The person,
skip the legend.

A hauntingly tormented, yet inconceivable loving heart...
in constant turmoil. A heart that would grow so big, only to be dissected so maliciously. A heart that would break itself over and over again, till it finally won. Eight days ago ironically, it did.

A heart trying to recover any fragile piece, it could be put back in stride. A heart tossed around like a toy, battling to find itself- in its own right place. A heart destroyed by its inadequacy to just BE, a heart that wanted so much, and, a world that took it all.

Life of epic proportions, cant be written of
in some brief paragraphs. I encourage you to read
if your interested. Insight/views on events,
his passing, and mainly; this man's incomparable
humanity. I honestly know in my gut, Michael
was an amazing human being. Most opinions can get
rather controversial when it comes to such the
"rise and fall" But I truly feel, I somewhat personally
understand, the notoriously misunderstood Michael Jackson.

At first it didn't hit me...

June 29, 2009

A purple red summer

Buy these mugs before i do :)

Playing with food, vintage summer mugs, dreamcatchers and vibrant ear decor

vintage plastic cups set by leVintageMaison at (15.00)

Bottom from left to right:
Earrings from Miasophia, at,
'Needle felt play food' 15.00 by lammie at
Lucy dreamcatcher by tamar, at

May 31, 2009

pupppetttssss time

I don't know what it is about these puppets by etsy seller staceyrebecca, but they bring me back to childood, and make me want about 5, as an adult.
How cute is the little grey dog looking all awkward and adorable?? And the mouse or, bunny? I love how you almost cant name the exact animal :)

View buy at:


Will list stores shortly
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