May 29, 2010

Milestone give-way UPDATE. Have picked the designs :)

I loved  ALL the ideas. Thank you guys so much for taking the time to come up the wondrous sounding concepts.

I will be creating them all shortly, and will send each of the designers- there interprated creation, as well as sell them in my store, with designer credit given :)!!

New arrivals at seaunicorn, plus some updates for the future :)


MANY new items coming, and I know Ive said that, but I finally have gotten on top of all the 40-60 items I have been working on for a year till now. New expanded collections, bridal line coming, and further expansions I hope I can figure a way to fit into my categories. I love so many jewelry themes, and will be bringing lots of diversity. Going global- from Egypt, to the deep south. Interpretations and odes, military, alot of emotion provoking pieces, things not for the timid, simple little's, tons of pets, whistles, charms, cameos, lockets etc., 14 gold line, silver, ornate, earrings, ringssss, bottles, and some others things I love making outside jewelry. Ive been so inspired by an amazingly powerful-zoom telescope I received as a gift, and its thrown me into a spiral of constant creating. I search and rack my brain to bring you all the best and feel proud of whats to come, and I hope you guys will love the concepts and variety of pieces, as much as I do. :D

Am currently looking for a few more "testers" along with the wonderful ones I have, to try out pieces, take photos, give honest opinions, and in exchange for that help, the tester can keep there favorite 2 of the 10 pieces I would send to them. If you have good photo skills, are a seaunicorn fan, and would be interested, convo me :))

Will be starting some "necklaces giveaways" on my blog,
URL above, as well as some polls, id appreciate any help/
feedback on certain ideas I wanna throw out there...

Also, I will rephotographing certain pieces, to show them in more ways. 
And hopefully soon, provide some "lookbook" type photos, of pieces
I think look well together, just to give ideas and more visuals :)
Much love to you all,

May 7, 2010

Bedtime stories

Girliegirl fringe

My little workstation, come to be... humble abode :)

a bit cluttered lately...though its been worse. I have boxes and boxes of photos, letters, postcards, random things 'jacq' from various people, and i love to splatter all the memories and inspiring images around my magnet board, or the total opposite...when my mind feels chaotic...i take everything down and leave it clean and plain. I think that little method eases my stress....butttt a month later it will will feel so bleak so its back to llama's, old polariods, cards, photography, personal family/friend photos, etsy gifts and/or longer cards ive recieved that are so sweet...and keep me goin when i glance at the couple i choose sometimes...

Anywayss, i keep trying to miniulize it all, but between the custom made bobble head of hayden got me of 'us' and they did a bunk job...his looks like edward norton and i look like charolette gainsberg....we hardly resemble either. But we have a thing/slight obsession with the 'the office', and it makes me smile. tangent, sorry ;/, soo between the bobble head, my dear vintage unicorn, my crystal ball, random nesting dolls ( I love the final babie mushugnut, so treasure like) my london compass my bestest kendall engraved our epitome of 'us' words, to my creature in my old birdcage.... I cant not have them around me :)

Though i did recently put ALOT of my other treasured pieces, away. And its still clutter!

oh well///

May 6, 2010

Its just a dream....please?

I dont know what a good dream is. I have had nightmares every single night for 10+ years. I don't know anything else but these worlds that have...become. And they repeat. It may sound not that weird, but its usually a place...a map that is wrong, as far what we know. Lebanon is above Alaska, and above that, is North Carolina. But to the east, its these islands. Where the tide is so high, it falls onto our car as were driving on this creepy dark mountain trail. splashing over us, and we swerve. Then somehow the sky is black...the ocean is black...and theres thousands of decayed cats floating EVERYWHERE on the ocean surface...from the shore, till your eyes get lost in the layered dark color scales that eventually dissipate. They look taxodermed. Its scary. Some are babies...dead drifting from there mothers. In this literally- ghastly charcoal coated ocean. Beyond...there is land....not to far...but its strange. I almost feel safer in this ink among the limp cats, then on that island. And im kinda floating, farther away from the grey island. And now there are these mountain lions swimming around, replacing sharks almost. There trying to bite me, there fangs and aggression ignite this survival instinct in me, I cant explain. and im in some weird raft float. I keep kicking them, in the face and there getting more insane. A bite pierces through my shoes...and i feel an astonished shock of pain... im screaming, and two of them...there looking at me...blood from there fangs, waiting, or something.. I recall vivid thought, the insane visual of mountain lions as sea creatures just casually swimming around, and the profound sense of wrong, terror. and blehhh i am delirious... ive been sleeping so much.. i have a viral stomach flu... and feel like dead walking and am not aware of why, what im writing.

May 5, 2010

Trying to find my grandfather- John carroll bell. Lousianna, half black/white.

after watching that show with Susan Surrandon and stuff trying to find there family secrets, and roots;
I got super curious....about the very obscure, and almost obsolete- roots of my mom's- dad.

I spent 40 of my only 80 bucks paypal, on On a hunt to find out about my mothers bi-racial Louisiana roots, the father who left her at 7, her grandma ida mae and this fellow who is 'John Carroll Bell'.
And through a whole day of delirious searching, I came down to only one death/birth record that really matched. And if this little son of a bitch lived till 2003... its not even fair. The children he abandoned, haven't known of his location, since some estranged phone call when my mom was 12. A real verbal alcoholic abuser. Though a good man without it. People fuck themselves over with such ease and almost zero conviction, it astounds me you remain aware...yet tap into acting cowardly or victimized, and become so un-aware... of your current reality.

If anyone who reads this, as desperate as it sounds...if your in Louisiana and know a bit of its history and natives, and if JOHN carroll bell, rings a bell (no pun intended) or ida mae bell which she later remarried as ida mae fisher. The has three children- John carroll bell (junior but not named so), Irene Bell, and Shirley Bell. I believe they born around 1922 in Louisiana.

thanks guys , or just.. anyone

Nutrition blog worth reading weekly.

Not because she is my older sister, Victoria Michelle, but because of her in depth personal/accumulated knowledge on the subject of nutrition/weight loss/health/exercise, that I must tell anyone reading...

to bookmark/follow, or just read this amazing little blog.

I know how much time she has spent on it, and how detailed she has written, and how much it would mean to her, for even one person to be interested in. Shes the epitome of humble, and really does offer up some experienced advice. With zero shame ( and why should there be, were so critical) writes, and time lines her own weight struggles with photos and stories. Consistent and well written tips on foods that we have 'deemed' bad but not the case.., foods you wouldn't thought could be so filling, the deal on fiber, example eating plans in detailed outlines, etcc etccc, somethin to motivate us 10 pound hanging on-ers. i cant coin shit, or even put that silly shat attempt ..into... ah geod... im just going to stop writing. BUT------------

The 'Go-To' Girl's Guide to Nutrition and Exercise

 Link to her new found blog niche below :)
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