July 25, 2010

Photographers on etsy. The fairest of them all, my current obsession:sixthandmain

Shes live in LA, shes photographs places I know all to well, and have passed by amillion times, in ways I'd never think of. Ive been messing around with the "shining globe/circles" overlay type look for awhile with my own photography. Yet I can never get it just right. But this lady,
blows the orb photog users out the water. To me at least.

Theres to many to choose from, but I am inlove with the dreamy pinked, blurred, spotty LA series of photos. And all the rest that are different- the bottom four. Just beautiful.


See all sixthandmain photography work at her etsy site :

When life gives you lemons, GIVEAWAY WINNERS.

I loved all the answers, and was hard to pick, but these made me laugh,
and one of you, beyondrockz! haha you knew exactly my favorite "inside joke" gah i hate that but hehehe uts true, answer! You little manipulater you

Winners are:

1. Kayla said...

When life gives you lemons, squeeze the juice into a squirt gun and squirt it into someone's eye. It'll make you feel better.

2. One of a Kind said...
When life gives you lemons, marinate a piece of salmon, and then cut up the rinds and shove them down your garbage disposal.

You'll be full and healthy, and your kitchen will smell fresh.

3.Beyond the RockZ said...

When life gives you a lemon...
Use it to wipe off that one little streaky area on the chalkboard that your elementary school teacher missed. Then with a smile plunk it right on her desk and say, "nobody's perfect".

beyond the rockZ, i think teachers need to be educated on the add it creates in there students when they dont get that last dam chalkboard smudge wiped and were forced to look at it!!!! Throw us a stress ball to squeeze at least!


Convo me at seaunicorn.etsy.com with your address :)))))))))

Thanks to everyone who participated, ill be doing many more for easy wins :)

New New New at seaunicorn!

Just 25% of it :)

July 3, 2010

Ive broken all my toes


Loosing my mind.

GIVEWAY. When Life throws you lemons, you make..???

Obviously, lemonade, is not the answer here.

Be creative, have fun, whatever you think for a second of writing, say it.

Top 3 answers (I dunno, whichever 3 I like the most.)

Will win a free necklace from seaunicorn,,, "the eternal optimist"


im tryin with the enthusiasm......cause i like werid ass-normal-cute-i dunnooooo, etc responses. im impulsive. dont try to impress i dontttttttt care i love everyone. i cry when mustafa dies and watch american idol. just give responses ; )



July 2, 2010

Fates arrives in the strangest places.

My front lawn. hah.

I met Marcy, of rhan vintage on etsy at my garage sale...(the only person who dug into my old vintage stuff I decided to part with, but I like knowing its in the right hands :)

Marcy is beyond rad, and has quite an amazing collection of vintage/old world goods up for sale...it was hard to pick but here are some of my favorites...

See all at etsy.rhan.com

That old clock radio, and globe....are really calling my wallet...

Etsy features Elle Moss.

Was so hapy to see her finally featured! One of the most deserving I can think of on etsy, and had assumed she had been a featured seller loongg ago. Shes is beyond talented, and I loved her interview.

And was extra happy to see two my older photography photos from our various trades, on the wall in th backround :))

She continues to put up amazing new work, and is always an inspiration.

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