February 3, 2008

kendi bird flew to jacquey blue

not only pink cotton candy clouds with hypnotic green meadows to run and fall into, but castles in irrdescent golden clouds. night time hot air balloon rides, over the sea with swans siginin songs all night long. climbing the willow tree that cries and plays the harp. butterflies that land on your hand and talk. cookie and pastry mountains. an enchanted cinderella blue wardobe with every frock or gown to dress up and go mad in. endless rooms with paint, shaving cream, mushrooms, marshmellows and of course beautiful white winged unicorns to ride about. a mermaid lagoon to the left. but with seahorses all abound, they will even come to shore looking for us. baby animals everywhere; llamas, ocelots, kittens, elephants. it wont even matter, because they will all be friends. wake up in a bed in the snow on the beach. and we will need BUBBLES. lots of bubbles. you hot to trot tail boner slut rub you. we are magical. i lovvve thee

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