December 21, 2008

finds finds low to high gift guide

1. Man on wire DVD, (beautiful riveting documentary): amazon, ebay, anywhere mostly.
2. Marc by Marc Jacobs watch: ($200) net-a, direct link:
3. Grey tank dress: ($24), under "cami's and tanks"
4. Chole Saskia square tote: ($2,005)
5. Silence and noise long thin white t: ($38) under "cami's and tanks"
6. Beautiful Losers (book) contemporary art and street culture. ($30-40), best bet is ebay to find it in the 30 price range.
7. Periwinkle powder blue bow flats ($23.00, loveee them dearly, unique color, sturdy wear, perfect.): Ebay-, direct link:
8. Modal button girl short underwear: ($6.99, on sale!), direct link:

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