December 21, 2008

Etsy features. Blushing cyan winter pretties.

Vintage eye wear, simple garden organic earrings,
shades of blushing pinks, gilded gold, light cyans,
creamy ecru, and dreamy grey.

Simple, vintage inspired, whismy, feminine, subtle.
Washed yet beautiful hue's, today's little etsy features.

1. Vintage eyewear "big nerd glasses":
2. Waldorf inspired Scandinavian Matryoshka Doll softie:
3. Gold silhouette frame:
4. Ballet pink "garnet flower" earrings:
4. Paper made rabbit carosuel:
5. Pebbles and pods, grey/pink necklace:
6. Vintage cloudy white lace lamp shade:
7. Garden "organic" sage hoops:
8. "Nostalgia", 8x8 fine photography print :
9. Wallet, Cloud blows "brown wind in your sails":
10. Twigly flowrly: shet I cant find her :/

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