February 13, 2009

Recent purchases :)))

1. Luggage tote/train case with lock from: happydayvintage.etsy.com
Sooo cute, even more so in person. I have no idea what to even use it for yet, myabe makeup.
Or maybe when I have to trek over my camera, clothes, and everything else to kens place.

2. I love hende, and have consistently loved the simple organic tanks I have purchased.
Find other like this one at hende.etsy.com

3. 2009 calendar from aliciabock.etsy.com, A quite popular photographer on etsy and the underground, I do really love her work. And the calendar is gorgeous. Each page is its own thick cardboard print with vivd photos. Really great for the price. Believe it was 40-somethin

4. Shopredleaf.etsy.com is def one of my favorite stores. The packaging, prices, items themselves, its a must. The room sprays are suberb. The face lotions, facial sprays, and everything else are just as wonderful. Seller is super friendly, she sent me the nicest batche of freebies for helping her with her shop awhile back...(which didnt need any help! :)

5. Have an alice in wonderland obsession, plus a seafoam green obsession, plus a trinket locking box obsession, plus a distressed shabby chic obsession, so this box was a must buy the second I saw it. Hasnt arrived yet but im sure I will love.

6. Pirate rock necklace so dainty, unique, simple and cute. Whimsy and dreamy. I actually buy alot of jewelry even though im a jewelry designer. I just love necklaces. I cant ever have enough. ever.

7. Love these marc jacobs bracelets. Each has a different latin saying, can find on ebay easily. I bought the "save you save me" ones for me and a friend.

8. I a big Dylan fan, and I didn't really take this movie to literally in the sense of it being based on bob dylans "many lifes". Yes it does portray certain times of his life, cate in the blonde on blonde fame hating dylan days, early folk dylan just getting started, finding god and going gospel dylan, "the fake" played by a child, I guess symbolizing how much his real idol, Woody Guthrie, influenced dylans music. "The outlaw", richard gere, I wasn't to clear on his role. It didn't read dylan to me so much. But it reverted back to him picking up the same guitar as the "not living in his own time" little kid or "the fake". Not sure what that all meant. But has one of the most beautiful scenes. A strange forest town with a young dead girl's funeral, calexio and jim james singing in clown masks, people in costumes and victorian dress's, its all so haunting and magical. The movie I found to be much more just about life then anything. So many amazing artistic visuals, great cover artists, and consistently just poetic and thought provoking throughout the movie. A rough poet as dylan is. And then the, cant keep your eyes off, contradictory and questioning cate blanchet. I love her very last scene. That smirk. The vulnerable side finally peeking through. I just love love the movie. Not sure why so much...but I do.

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