May 10, 2009

Etsy spotlight on: sarahseven

She had me at more then hello, with classy fairytale, meets modern vintage-esque designs. Im pretty much obsessed with all of her feminine creations. Seen on the FP of etsy all the time, they never get old. Every piece, is so magical and dreamy. The soft muted colors, beautiful fabric, and perfect attention to detail. Highly attractive and flattering cuts, plus no unnecessary elaboration's which I see on so many beautiful dresses ( I usually rip off that diamond or other tack designers tend to add on garishly). Plus she is so friendly and lovely. I plan to def drop some money on a few pieces. My favorite has to be the robins egg dress. Im short, and love to see a good, above the knee, whimsy mini dress.

I don't even know how sarah is on etsy. Though a great starting ground (leanne, PR winner used to be on, or still is), her work blows my mind. I could see it on the runway easy. Definitely a future name to watch for in the high fashion industry, and way to good for anything like project runway. Shes gonna go far this one.

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monkeyandsquirrel said...

love love love these!!!

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