October 16, 2009

The little rainy day story.

Darkly romantic jewels,
Gorgeous serene photography,
random Interior design inspiration

1. white and brass rosary ($36) by sadieolive at sadieolive.etsy.com
2. 'Illume' photograph ($35) by Aliciabock at Aliciabock.etsy.com

3. Unknown found image 4. Found Flicker image artist unknown
5. Little feather necklace ($21) by Laralewis at laralewis.etsy.com
6. Photograph by Eilwen, at eilwen.etsy.com

7. Key to Pandora's box ($26) by MissCAlexandria, at MissCAlexandria.etsy.com
8. Pretty unknown interior design inspire room

9. Victorian Frame & Print ($95) by sadieolive at sadieolive.etsy.com
10. 'August Lights' (35) photo by Alicia bock at Aliciabock.etsy.com

11. Pretty unknown bathroom interior design inspire room
12. Audrey Necklace ($19) by laralewis at laralewis.etsy.com

13. Lotus sage earrings ($20) by Paradox at Paradox.etsy.com
14. 'A Visit' Photograph ($30) by ellemoss at ellemoss.etsy.com


Anonymous said...

oooh very pretty blog! love it! thank you so much for including my necklaces! :D

Gabbi said...

Beautiful and atmospheric finds...♥

Alice W. said...

A beautiful collection of finds. Thanks for including my earrings.

monkeyandsquirrel said...

oh my goodness... what gorgeous pics! great little collection here :)

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