February 27, 2010

defending the truth?

no, the truth in any case, needs no defense.

complaining is basically the egos favorite strategy for strengthening itself. when you don't have much to identify with, you easily survive on complaining alone. about other people, negative labels, egos need to be right. its habitual, and its unconscious, and you don't know what you are doing much. resenting other people with there lack of integrity, what there doing, did in the past, what they say, or things they’ve failed to do, what they shouldn’t have done. egos loveees it. the faults perceived in another sometimes aren't even there. more of a projection by a mind conditioned to see enemies, flaws, negative points. and feel superior. the ’me’ going to make the most out of it, a me that enjoys making someone wrong. being right is a identification with a mental position. a perspective, opinion, judgment, story. for you to be right, you need someone else to be wrong. you find yourself saying, believe me i know. the ego crept in. the I feels offended because somebody doesn't believe what I said. every ego confuses viewpoints with facts. only through opened awareness can you see the person or situation, instead of adopting one limited perspective.

A vent not aimed at anyone in particular.

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