February 21, 2010

Random thoughts, pretty girls, mean girls, and the inner couch muffin i am.

kate winslet looks like a cherub. a really sexy cherub.

Hitler wanted to be an artist or architect? He actually produced some really good paintings. Well to me, I cant paint to save my life. and now bodies are being shoveled and im about to cry and get major emotional why am i watching this in the background but Wendy Williams was on the other day i must have been watching the news or family guy or somethin, and i really liked her. she gave me a happy vibe and Hitler and Wendy Williams in the same paragraph is the embodiment of how my mind thinks. sadly

think this is my least favorite season of project runway. can they show updates ever on the older winning designers... cause is it just me or do they disappear from the face of earth? Anthony is annoying but when he talks to tim he cracks me up. i never thought id start to dislike the gun.

these progressive commercials just neeed to stop. now. what song is freecreditreport.com going to put into my head non stop this week? and why does that guy bop his head and look at me like he wants to rape my kitties?

im not negative and i hate people who rant and bash celebrities anonymously. if i was famous id have a really really not good time. its out of control. the blogs, the tmz's, the blah blah blah. marylin monroe im sure had her fair share of cocaine but happily there weren't paparazzi parades who caught it and i get to remember her lovely. oh but so sad the poor thing. im serious, there's nothing worse then having everything in the world and still feeling so sad. well, all that money could buy,

i really loathe a seller on etsy.... if you guess who it is ill send you a free necklace :)))) muhahahaha

they still play old dougs and rugrats before dill ruined it for me, on some weird channel. think we all still have alittle ridiculously nice guy doug funny in us

my fiance got me a chihuahua for valentines day. i never knew i could be so gogly eyed and obsessed with something. besides my fiance. he doesn't act like any yappy chihuahua Ive ever been around. hes so good. and sooo small. 4 months old, about the size of a soup can right now. ive been waiting for a boy animal i can name Bogart. my favorite word, but he just wasn't a Bogart. so we went with fivel. someone else has to remember fivel goes west? ohhhh aw and the secret of nimb! That big black rat really freaked me out when i was a little. ahh and now im thinking of the brave little toaster and fairytale theater oh i loved so so much. my fiance hayden got me brave lil toaster, and jeez the blanket is such a little bitch. I used to think he was the cutest thing. maybe i was a lil whiny bitch to

you know those people you can just never imagine having sex? Morgan freeman? who else... Danny Glover? dont know why there both happened to be middle aged black actors hehehe. i have a corrupt crush on Ricky gervais and hope hope we get to go see him at his California stand up. I also got a weird thing for don cheedle, willem dafoe and crispin glover. the rivers edge crispin.

fivel is sleeping and he looks like a baby fawn in the meadows, like bambi. Disney is kinda fucked. kill bambis mom, kill moustafa, drown the genie, and the end of the fox and the hound make me bawl like a baby

i need to go back to school. i really want a degree in zoology. who are these lucky fuckers who get to raise baby lions and wolfs and clouded leopards.... i need to be one. i kinda want to start a cattery and breed Abyssinian kittens. there so so beautiful and amazing. I need 2,000 bucks to get a 'stud' and 'queen' or whatever they call it. but i also racked up 700 in my posh chihuahua website shopping cart. who really spends 20 dollars on a organic toy? me. Im pretty tempted to buy him these little moccasin booties and this little xxxxs hoodie. but my fiance will kill me. oh and this bowwow butter balm and fur butter and papoose carrier and hehehe even the stroller. i know if i had a girl chihuahua, i would be one of those people. i would buy her dresses and bows and pink 500buck beds and now im seeing they have nail polish, ahh holee shit i think i never got over playing with my babydolls

this 4.00 lipbalm called berry by tessamarch on etsy, is obsession. i need to buy 50 of em, they work so good, smell so good... and the girl is 16 and sooo cute and sweet. im a fan

sucker for american idol yesss i am, andrew garcia or the guy who sang the paula abdoul straight up, i need that on cd now. he must win. allison shoulda won last year. shes amazing. and when adam did crying, i think i cried. i love him. kris i loved to. poor kris... is the ford commercial all hes got now?

i sound pretty uneducated. but random thoughts and Wendy Williams and american idol will do this.

k enough silly rambling.

who really will even read this. i feel like Miranda July. i could do anything say anything..... i know nobody is reading..... i hate a flower on etsy and the bitch needs to get her own idenity

lalalaaaaaaaaaaaa im prettttttyyy hungover looooooooooong night and adderoll right now mixed with the tired haze, i feel like on acid. maybe i should start working so customers don't hate me. they can get really pissy. im not nordstroms.com jeez im one lil person!! i love love when i get nice customers.

this girl wrote me the nicest thing ive ever read, i cried and even printed it out to read to hayden, cause i think he doesnt tell me that he likes what i make- enough. i cant find the convo now and feel like a real shit. i wanted to reply and thank her so much and send her a goodie bag. she loved the old declair ballroom necklace... maybe just maybe she will find this and incase, i love you random girl. i seriously love you. i love loving strangers

i cant see my studio room floor. and yet i still buy supplies non stop and amillion idea trays and so many things i just cant get organized and photographed. i need a life organizer. or hire someone to keep me on track of life. any takers?


♥ Maiara said...

my favorite post everr!!!! I hope you dont delete it. I FORBID YOU!! the world needs this shit!!

Jacqleen Bleu said...

ahahahaha i didnt, i went the other way and it got wayyyy longer. hehehehehe ive screwed myself. im def contemplating deleting the last half ;)

The Gladdest Of Glad said...

haha your rambling is funny and creative and fun to read... and I think more people will read it then you think! Hey can I send your necklace already?!! Hey tell me who you loathe..I am really intrigued!!
oxoo Miss C.

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