March 31, 2010

Frack american idol.

But I am a bit fanatical about it. Getting into my snuggy (im obsessed),
and fast forwarding all ryan's crap, to some real fuckin crap.
I don't even know who I like anymore. is my fun guilty forum read.
And they can always say it better as just as I would...
and I agree with there rambling rambles,
on this pretty shat season of AI.


Rowr17: I though Siobhan's upper register sounded strained. She, Lee and Crystal were my faves headed into the night, and as far as I'm concerned, Lee and Crystal wiped the floor with her tonight.

Miss Mia: The judges righteously slammed her and she was not happy. I liked Siobhan, but she's turned herself into a one-note Johnny. But holy hell, talk about backlash - did we spend 15 minutes with the judges on this one? Yep, I think so.

krisis: She barely hit a note the entire time. I would have preferred a repeat of Paige's performance from last week. I'm reconsidering my stance that she is the best vocalist in the competition.

gunkulator: For the first time she looked terrified to be up on stage. What happened to this girl's confidence? By the time it came to sing the glory notes, it was too late and instead of powerful, they just sounded desperate.

LunaL: I love her, but this performance wasn't her best by a long shot. She didn't earn much goodwill with her attitude during the judges' comments, either. I'm sure the Four Horsemen are irritating as hell to deal with sometimes, but take a cue from Tim and just smile and thank them.

Reia: Siobhan, my love, what happened tonight? Every time she went to hit her higher notes she lost her pitch. Twas a wretched mess of a performance, and I'm so sad that she's been so middling the past two weeks because she was so phenomenal the three weeks prior. I really hope she can pull it together next week, because this was a bust.

ThePsychic81: Siobhan: That was really rough. I remember at one point I sat up and went "OH" because of how badly off key she was. There's no in-between with her...she's either REALLY good, or REALLY bad. She has a ton of talent but is the most raw of any of the contestants...she has the most potential of anyone, though, and I'll be devastated if she's gone having seen her nail "Wicked Game" and "House Of the Rising Sun" the way very few could. Unfortunately, this may have been too big of a whiff given what was a pretty strong night from the other performers.

Shelley Bee: I'm a Siobhan fan, and I thought she was merely "meh" last week, but for the first time, I thought tonight she was outright terrible. Boring song, too. I'm still on her train, though.


Adammo88: I actually agreed with Ellen - I just thought it was ok. It was better than last week but he was just way too smiley and when one has sub-two minutes to get across a whole array of vocals, he really should avoid the extended guitar riffs. The end did really rev up and I liked it better but overall, ok.

likeacarcrash: Casey was good in the exact same way he always is, which means he's getting old for me.

gunkulator: I don't think this was as great as the judges let on. Very safe song. Liked the guitar playing though.

Song of Roland: you just won't get out of that damn box, will you? It's a pretty, well decorated, fully airconditioned box, but there's a big world out there, boy. Kara is actually trying to give you some good advice.

PerryMason: Not bad. He's never really bad. The vocals are good. He's a little looser. But he's really being lazy with the vocals. He should have knocked this out of the park. Kara and Ellen are actually giving cogent advice here. And no, Ryan, for once Kara wasn't being a crazy cougar, so just STFU.


Adammo88: Mike That is by FAR my favorite performance from him and I'm so glad he left his weak, breathy falsetto out of it. That song is from India Arie's first album and I'm glad he did it proud. It was nice, sold, and pleasant to listen to - I'd like to hear it again.

likeacarcrash: Favorites of the night for me were Mike (so glad he ditched the cheesiness and just delivered a great song)

LunaL: Not quite the "moment" he thought it was, but the Corniness Factor was dialed down for a change. No Jesus poses, too--a definite plus! I think he should play the guitar more, even though his playing isn't nearly as good as Casey's or Crystal's, because it prevents him from making hammy gestures.


Adammo88: Didi Wow, I don't know if all the energy was sucked out of it because she was so nervous about breaking on stage but it was so just there. It was beige. I disagreed with Ellen in that to me, it needed MORE drama - I didn't get the needle to move much at all on the speedometer. And Ryan's shit afterward was just palpably uncomfortable - he is just a effin' terror this seasn and I wish she would've took her hand away and slapped his bitch ass.

Shelley Bee: Geez, Ryan, stop trying to milk Didi's sob story. I thought her refusal to talk about her departed friend was not so much about trying to avoid crying but more about trying to stay classy and not go trolling for sympathy votes

gunkulator: Urrgh. She just seems to get worse every week. The song is just too simplistic to sing without changing it up, and this being R&B week, I think she would have been allowed considerable license to do so.

krisis: Didi's taste in music is phenomenal - it's the fourth week in a row she has picked one of the best songs on the list. That said, I think this is as close as she's going to come to having a moment - and it wasn't much of one. She totally ignored the natural arc of the song, and her prickly tone has no depth to it. Also, she should have kept the dramatic background vocals. "Rhiannon" aside, she has bad instincts as a performer.

LunaL: OK, I'm done with her. I'm sick of her sucking the life out of songs, I'm oh-so-weary of her bitch faces when the judges critique her, and I'm BEYOND tired of her little banter with Ryan (although he deserves equal blame for these nauseating displays). I love this song, and she ruined it with her melodramatic interpretation.

PerryMason: Oh, God, that was horrendous. Who the frak told Didi she was a vamp? She sounded like a tipsy lounge singer. And Didi, the fact that you are not an R&B singer isn't an excuse for a bad performance. BTW, Ryan, trying to get Didi (who to her credit resisted) to tell the viewing audience that she was singing that song for her friend who died four years ago is not helpful. Didi, you aren't just supposed to challenge yourself, you are supposed to MEET the challenge. If you can't sing the song without crying, DON'T SING IT. F (However, I must say, Didi gives excellent bitchface.)

NeedISayMore: Yeah, I hate everything she's done after the Hollywood week. It seems her voice is limited to a narrow style of singing. Getting by week by week made her think she was more versatile. I don't think she can branch out. I think the only thing she could have done was to find a song, for whatever challenge, that was closest to her style and then shoe horn that baby into her niche, because her voice isn't crossing over anywhere.


ImaginaryFriend: As to Tim - Simon's comment "Well done." was one of the funniest things I've seen on AI, ever. To summarize: "You don't listen to us, you do what gets votes, you'll be here next week -- so, well done!"

likeacarcrash: Tim is... I don't even know. The judging panel was pretty hilarious.

Allie5687: I must say, I loved Tim’s good-natured dismissal of the judge’s negativity. They really can’t get the kid down, can they? I love it. I don’t love Tim’s voice, I haven’t bought any of his singles, and I haven’t voted for him, but the fact that he just smiles on after weeks of verbal abuse…I’ve gotta give it to him

Miss Mia: Tom Jones is alive and well, and performing on American Idol. Simon sums it up by saying AI voters are idiots and we'll be seeing Tim next week.

Adammo88: Tim The judgery after his performance was the best thing that has happened all damn season - Simon untethered was epic in his honesty.

Thomasina22: Tim Urban! I'm starting to love this kid. He can't sing for crap. I don't care though. He was cracking me up. The judges rip him apart and he just stands there and laughs in their faces. He's on tour, he's just having fun at this point.

krisis: tim (Randy had a valid point, but, um, there was vibrato. Ellen, hilarious but also sort of spot-on, notes that Tim lost the adorableness. Also, really impressed with Usher with Tim - THAT is mentoring.)

bzork: I voted for Tim. Just because his not leaving made Simon get all soft and squishy and smiley and resigned in the best possible way. :P I adore that kid. He MUST sing I'm A Believer at some point, but I'm not sure he's that self aware.

Konfusion: Okay, I'm going to say it: I love Tim Urban. He's managing to play the game and not give a shit at the same time, and I adore him for that. Don't ever change, Tim.

LunaL: I still think his voice is stronger than the judges give him credit for, but this performance . . . oh, dear.

PerryMason: Tim however is hampered not just by his flimsy vocal instrument, but the fact that when he stares at the camera, he is not eyefucking it, he is begging it not to hurt him. Randy debases the Idol franchise for all time: "At least you sang in tune."

random- Except Tim, who keeps on smiling in the face of everything, and you know what? He's so Wonderbread you could squish him into a tiny doughy ball with bangs, yeah, but I like the fact that he's not letting these people get to him. You get on with your whitebread, Pat Boone self Tim, and rock on. Or musak on. Or something.

chemguy79: I actually thought that Tim sounded OK tonight. I think that if he were to try to push his vocals, he'll be slammed. If he tries to sing a song straight, he'll get slammed since he isn't pushing himself. Hell, the boy gets slammed when he stands there and smiles. I think that he should enjoy the journey as long as it lasts since there isn't a chance in the world he'll get past the Top 7, if he's lucky enough to get that far.


krisis: (Again, Usher so on-point. Wow. Is he auditioning to be a judge? Again, bad behavior from Ryan causes a freaking circus.)

gunkulator: sang like a frightened turtle too.

JackFlash: Andrew, you're so laid back, it's like you've already left the room when you're still there. Casey, that goes for you too. There is such a thing as too laid back, dudes. Plus, Andrew is the dorkiest of hipsters. He bugs. Still, it was pretty good for both of them


Allie5687: Pageant Katie was nowhere in sight tonight. Instead she had Princess Leia’s sex slave hair and strange, incomprehensible pants.

Adammo88: Katie For the record, I think Simon is insane (rarely, but yeah) thinking she is a country singer but she was a karaoke singer tonight. This performance just made me angry and I don't care if she goes.

krisis: the lethargic attacks really deflated what should have been a really cool third verse. (I feel like this is an issue for a lot of good teenage singers with classical training - they're not used to carrying a solo rock vocal, and they don't know how to breath through a long, belt-y phrase.) But, she can sing. Well. When she's on she's one of the better technical singers in the game. Also, it was a good impulse to duet with the background vocalists

Shelley Bee: When Ryan asked her if she would listen to Simon or listen to Kara, I kind of wished she'd said, "Um, Crystal?"


Miss Mia: Another personal best. This has actually been a very good show. Lee showed everyone why Simon has been so high on him. Best of the night so far.

likeacarcrash: Lee's arrangement was great and one of the only times the band didn't sound muzak-y tonight.

PerryMason: Okay, here is a place where I think Usher actually made a difference. I've never thought Lee's voice was all that, but this was clearly his best vocal performance so far, not just in terms of pitch, but in terms of energy and feeling. He STILL stands there looking like a constipated turtle, and I don't think that the performance was quite the "life changing moment" that Simon said it was, but still, bravo Lee, bravo Usher. Great improvement.

JackFlash: Lee is getting there. But put Crystal's dreads on him and he's Adam Duritz.

saskia: Now here's a love train I'm definitely on. I adore Lee, he has an excellent voice and stage presence; I actually think he's sexy! I was so happy to see him step up this week to show what he can really do. I'm with Simon on this one too. Excellent.


Allie5687: I think that the piano totally fits with her vibe, so I think Simon jumped the gun a bit (although maybe Didi’s transformation has made him overly cautious). And she looked sensational. She doesn’t only have to wear clothes made of hemp to be genuine.

likeacarcrash: Crystal was good as always, but she was clearly uncomfortable playing piano and singing at the same time.

LunaL: I liked her changing things up by playing the piano, but I hope she doesn't let the AI Glam Squad get too strong a hold on her. I'm not sure I care for the false eyelashes and stiletto heels on her, but if she keeps singing like that, she can wear a tube top, for all I care.

Song of Roland: I thought the piano playing and backup singers distracted her from her vocals. She was as good as usual, but I was hoping her 'taking a risk' would include a different song choice. But yay for her actually leaving the piano and standing there singing without an instrument, even if it was only a minute.

Snark Shark: Crystal even manages to talk back to the judges and NOT sound like an idiot. That's a talent too.

liese: Crystal was fantastic. Only complaint is her performance didn't go on long enough. Why does it feel like she barely sings 3 or 4 lines but some of the others performances goes on for days. I want to hear her do an entire song. You just know deep down that Crystal knows how to build a song to a climax that can rock your world. She looked very pretty tonight.

saskia: I always enjoy her performances, no different this week either even though I don't love the song. I think she'll win it and I'd be OK with that (even though I'd prefer Lee to win). Excellent.

ThePsychic81: I felt uneasy when I saw her stand up...she really does look like someone dealing with health problems. It was solid, but not her best performance vocally...but there was something special about it...the fact that she put down the guitar just to show she could and stepped out of her comfort zone was a "moment" (ech...hate that word now with its overuse on this show).


PerryMason: Um, Aaron, didn't anyone tell you that Kris had a "moment" with this song just last year? The song kind of overwhelms him. Why did they give him the pimp spot with this? It's a little knollish, I think

ThePsychic81: Underwhelming, to say the least. Sounded much better singing in front of Usher than when he got on stage.


Allie5687: it was an utterly bizarre night. It’s like Ryan has given up entirely. He behaved strangely and erratically, no? The moment after Didi’s performance was awkward, too. I dismissed rumors about the two, but there seemed to be something bitter between them and he pressed her far more about the song than I thought was necessary. His antagonism of Simon has moved past charming banter, and is now grating.

JustADream: Ryan's pseudo-shrink fest with Didi was totally awkward. Let go of her hand, Ryan.


Allie5687: First of all, I have to say that Usher was a fantastic mentor. He gave specific, constructive criticisms and put into words what I’ve thought and couldn’t express. Usher understands performing in a way that made Miley Cyrus’s attempts at mentoring look all the more ridiculous.

krisis: Finally, again, Usher - fantastic. One one of the best mentors in ages

estragon: Usher had more star quality than anyone he was talking to. Just having him onscreen was exciting to watch. I don't even listen to his songs all that much! But that's charisma right there. And I liked that he was coaching them on how to be excellent, as opposed to how to just get through the performance.

Cassandra42: My favorite part was Usher, and I don't even listen to his music, but that guy has charisma. Plus when he sang part of "Ain't No Sunshine" to Aaron, it just showed how bad everyone is this season. Usher was hotter in his 10 seconds of singing "I know" over and over than the whole rest of this season put together.


mojoween: The judges repeated themselves so much and there was just so much extracurricular shit going on it was quite difficult to focus on what this show is supposed to be about - the singers and their singing.

estragon : If nothing else, this season proves that four judges is a mistake. They should have taken all the money they gave Seacrest and given it instead to Paula, who was really the soul of this show in a weird way we can never define and probably never really confront. Kara and Ellen together are about 15 times as boring as Paula, and Simon is now the nice judge for the most part and I don't understand anything anymore. When you have a successful formula, no matter how cheesy, do not fuck with it.

Miss Locks: I loved seeing Simon care for once, at least with Lee and Crystal. What he said to Lee was pretty amazing.

kattam6175: I'm totally fine with Ellen as a judge. She gets that she's not there as a music critic, but as a layman/fan. She's just saying what she would have been thinking had she been watching from her living room. I don't always agree, but I much prefer her to yo-yo-yo-you-worked-it-out Jackson.


Allie5687: Oh, and another thing. I despise the backstage camera work. There was no reason to follow a visibly upset Siobhan backstage. She held it together onstage, guys. Can you leave her some dignity? The same goes for Didi.

bzork: Wow. There were actually a couple of WOW moments for me tonight. Courtesy of Lee Dewyze (I always knew he had it in him, and I think he's starting to realize it too and awwwww. *sniffle*) and Andrew Garcia! I mean, I'm legit excited for the studios.

estragon: But many things annoyed me tonight! Many things related to Ryan Seacrest! They should have kept him poor but honest. When they signed that $15 million deal he just became a total douche. He was annoying as hell, aggressive, fake and obnoxious. In previous seasons he was the voice of reason. Now he's the ringleader in a circus of babble.

Eponah: This season is definitely wanting in a big way. Have to laugh that for all the pre-season declarations of "its a girl's year" by the judges, the girls are seriously wanting. Except for Crystal, she deserves the praise. Nice to see a bit of a change, but I agree with Simon, don't let the AI make-over machine change you.

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