April 8, 2010

Milestone give-a-way. 2000 sales at seaunicorn!

Everyone dream up a 'concoction' so to speak, of a necklace you'd like to see in my store....

In celebration of omfg yeeeeeeeeee 2,000 ! im so happy - top 3 design ideas will be created and sold in my store with credit given your way, and of course I will send your design to you, in much gratitude. THREE winners!

I will pick my favorite, so if you could be as detailed or explain the story/items/concept as much as possible, will help me immensely decide.


Much love to you all,



Chani said...

Coucou Jacqleen, congrats on the 2000 sales, this is amazing!!! But it doesn't surprise me at all, you simply have the most gorgeous stuff.
Could you specify if the jewelry ideas have to be made of the findings you already use or something all new? This is really a great idea for a give away, I love challenges!
Love, Chani

PS: And thanks again! Btw, can I use some of your picture collages you have on your blog when I introduce you on my blog?

Anonymous said...

hello and congrats on exceeding 2000, what a great accomplishment! i just found your blog and just wanted to let you know i've already hearted your etsy shop! the pictures you take of the items are BEAUTIFUL and the items are soo whimsical and unique!!

i've been thinking for quite some time now about the perfect necklace that i would love and would also fit your shop! i am dreaming of a round brass/gold filigree locket with a mini bow, color of your choice cabachon flower, and mini pearl as charms... or perhaps the filigree could have the cabachon flower in the center of the front side of the filigree and the bows and pearl as a charm. you could call it "deep sea treasures" or something! =)

if i think of anything else, i will let you know! thanks for a chance at winning my own creation!!

iva yaneva said...

I didn't know you had a blog! I've been drooling over the delicate jewelry pieces that you create for quite some time and of course the soft gorgeous photos! Do you have a flickr account or somewhere I can see more of them?

As for the challenge (how lucky to come across your blog at the right time!) I love polaroid! And since it is now officially back, we could celebrate it with a polaroid inspired necklace. Whether it'd be a small camera pendant or a photo it doesn't really matter - I'm sure whatever you do it will be fantastic!

p.s. congrats on the sales, it doesn't surprise me at all :)

Marie Pilgrim said...

I'd like to see a necklace in silver with peach and light blue or teal accents. Clusters are always very nice: silver locket with peach and light blue/teal dangles? Also love asymmetry: locket with dangles and a tiny cluster of dangles an inch or two up one side? Surprises are fun; how about a teeny-tiny flat charm tucked inside the locket?

That said, I love all the pieces in your store.

candygirlcolette said...

i think just a simple tiny little castle would be beautiful


Dress up scientist said...

Hi there! I just discovered your store and absolutely love it. How about a collection with longevity charms? Delicate necklaces with chunkier turtles and little jade/ stone pieces.

sarah said...

hi, jacqleen

Congrats on exceeding 2000, wohhhh!!!
You are a great artist !!!
Well here is my perfect necklace:
I have tougth in a very big silver antiqued locket with a Swarovski glass or something that shines much with another bead matt ivory white or beige color...with, ofcourse, the changes you deem appropriate ;) you're the artist

sarah j.

Chani said...

Ok Jacqleen, since I love challenges and I love to be inspired by your stuff, I had an idea... and another one and another one. And I can't chose. So here you go, here are my ideas and I'm sure you will like at least one of them :) I do lol!

I'd love to see your talents combined, photography and jewelry, and maybe even your creative words.

1. Wouldn't this be amazing for summer? I've been inspired by your carnival collection. You could frame your photos in little frames like cameo findings and seal them. And add a matching charm, for example a carousel horse to a carousel picture, or the other way round, whatever you can find. I'd use gold or antique gold. You could also add an initial in the carnival font. Circus, balloons, rides... there are lots of possibilities. Add another charm to it like a matching pearl. 3 looks good. I'd love to see little rectangle plates with words in the carnival font too, but I guess that's difficult to do...

2. Some more combinations of framed pictures and charms: Ballerina (in a romantic frame) and ballerina shoes, whatever picture (in a simple golden frame or simply a tiny polaroid sealed in plastic) with a camera charm, the star background of your earphone necklace (in a simple golden frame or just sealed) with a golden star...

3. And of course lockets, lockets, and more lockets (even envelopes), all with a beautiful mini photo inside, and on the other side a few poetic words of yours... This would be truly unique and would be different to the tons of lockets around on Etsy ;)

Hm well, I should stop, or I'd have enough to open my own jewelry shop lol! But those ideas are for you voilĂ  :)


Check out http://sucre-et-cannelle.blogspot.com/2010/04/locket-love.html if you haven't yet.

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