April 16, 2010

Project runway, Just saw the final collections...

Im mad at myself now, but i was to curious. And wow. Wont spoil it but but don't like
Emilio's at all, don't like seths at all, and like mila ok, (a few pieces I actually love) but almost the best. Jay and 4 others from the season showed also. Jays- suprised i like his stuff the best, out of all of them. Jonathans is interesting and I think i like some of it- a love or hate collection. I kinda love it. Didnt look at the rest... kinda curious what amy did..


Still want seth to win. Or, if he doesnt, then mila deserves to. Cant believe how awful emilios is. just...random, ugly, and the only tie in is 3 colors. Belted turtle necks and 80's knee length dresses...he better not win. I will be outraged. Unless i do not get it...

If you wanna see the full collections now click here:


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