May 29, 2010

New arrivals at seaunicorn, plus some updates for the future :)


MANY new items coming, and I know Ive said that, but I finally have gotten on top of all the 40-60 items I have been working on for a year till now. New expanded collections, bridal line coming, and further expansions I hope I can figure a way to fit into my categories. I love so many jewelry themes, and will be bringing lots of diversity. Going global- from Egypt, to the deep south. Interpretations and odes, military, alot of emotion provoking pieces, things not for the timid, simple little's, tons of pets, whistles, charms, cameos, lockets etc., 14 gold line, silver, ornate, earrings, ringssss, bottles, and some others things I love making outside jewelry. Ive been so inspired by an amazingly powerful-zoom telescope I received as a gift, and its thrown me into a spiral of constant creating. I search and rack my brain to bring you all the best and feel proud of whats to come, and I hope you guys will love the concepts and variety of pieces, as much as I do. :D

Am currently looking for a few more "testers" along with the wonderful ones I have, to try out pieces, take photos, give honest opinions, and in exchange for that help, the tester can keep there favorite 2 of the 10 pieces I would send to them. If you have good photo skills, are a seaunicorn fan, and would be interested, convo me :))

Will be starting some "necklaces giveaways" on my blog,
URL above, as well as some polls, id appreciate any help/
feedback on certain ideas I wanna throw out there...

Also, I will rephotographing certain pieces, to show them in more ways. 
And hopefully soon, provide some "lookbook" type photos, of pieces
I think look well together, just to give ideas and more visuals :)
Much love to you all,


in dreams said...

heyy! i got one of your chair necklaces a few months ago, and love it to death. i sent you positive etsy-feedback but TOTALLY forgot to thankyou for the addition of the lovely locket! so...thankyou! :)

anyway. i'd love to test out anything you're willing to throw at me...if you're still in need of models, that is. lemme know...

(ps. i'm on blogspot i'm going to add you to my dashboard o'blogs! hope that's cool...)

andrea said...

i'd love to be a tester, i've sent you a convo through your etsy shop :)

Bree said...

you have a beautiful blog & shop!

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