June 25, 2010

girl-est, i love you for this.

From awakes.etsy.com
8x8 fine art print, 15 bucks.

its been said, its been written, writings on hands and skin and profound wanting way to convey things...so many dont work.

This does. To those who never believed in us, and comdemed art as the graveyard sentance, fck you, nicely- f you.  Weve already won. Maybe you'll get it all when your gone. But we know why were here, and what we will continue to visually bring into this world. I know, ill never stop. 
And when you said, to me.... "I was in clouds, so far out of reality, it was very dissapoiting, and really, you think you can be an artist, actor, this or that?? You've really lost touch with it all, what about graduating highschool and doing something normal?

f all them words weve heard in one shape form or another.

And awakes, your photo- AMEN.
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