May 19, 2009

etsy spotlight on: dinosaurtoes

From left to right: "just give it a ring" vintage bell necklace, best left hidden - necklace, raindrops on roses earrings, romantic textile no. 2 - necklace, mein sternchen - necklace, my sweet nothing - lariat necklace

Being a jewelry designer as well, I actually buy more jewelry from others, then one may think.
Ive bought about 5 pieces from this wonderful seller now, and have loved/worn each one. Her items are consistently changing, everything feels so, one of a kind a very special. She packages lovely, and provides such friendly service. Has become one of my favorites jewelry stores to hit, when i need something new and unique on all of etsy.

View/buy/favorite more beautiful treasures at:


Carlene said...

So lovely! :)

Pilli Pilli Handmade said...

Thank you for yet another great tip!

Best whses,
PilliPilli Handmade

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