May 19, 2009

Etsy spotlight on: Urbandesign and Mindy Strauss

Two of my new favorite photographers on etsy currently. Iv'e stumbled upon urbandesign on many occasions, but yesterday I believe was the first time I looked at the store as a whole. And fell in love. Utterly soft and magical photos that took me to another world of dreams.

From left to right: love blossoms II, tower of yesterday, wishing star, love struck, wishing, i dream,
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Mindy Strauss from Portland, Oregon, has quite a quaint shop of serene magical views and glimpes of europe; and other treasures. Haunting, subtle, and perfect shadowing. "Shes a fortress" I think is my absolute favorite.

From left to right: Faces, Distance, Delish, Haunted, Musical Chairs, and Shes a Fortress.

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Marge said...

You have a lovely blog. I like all these photos you have added here :). Great style

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