March 19, 2010

Mookie and fivel?? Im testin the waters of a a kinda cat and fat cat.

So far there doing good besides a few swats and hisses from mookie. They sleep in the sun 8 inches apart from each other on my bed, and where ever fivel is, mookie will come around shortly. Either cause she wants my attention, or wants to continue her curious wonder...of what the hell fivel is. I think she thinks hes a little kitten. Unlike my other cat Chloe, whom is mookie goes up to... theres ALOT of tension and if to close, one will swat or run away. But fivel just looks at her and the more I keep an eye on them and bring them closer together, assuring them its ok and not making it tension filled, they've been doing so well. Mookie is the most loving thing... to me only these days. But when she was a baby, she was so friendly and rubby kissy to ANYONE. Like a dog. Now shes about 7 and pretty chubs, and mainly sleeps, begs for food, and then purs and rubs my face for attention. I so badly want her to do this to fivel. But I can already see, it wont happen. Fivel sometimes playfully makes a biting motion at her, or like to paw at her waving tail...which have been the mookie swat altercations. But overall, when there on my bed together awake or sleeping... there fine. On the floor, there fine. Mooks licked his ear today, it was so sweet. But I know she thinks hes a threat and doubt they'll be cuddle babies together. His playful demeanor will immediately make her get on the defense instead of realizing hes harmless and WANTS to PLAY not hurt. CATS and dogsssss. ERRRRR. I want them to be smitten so badly.

Haven't taken a photo of mookie in months, (her real name is destiny, but mookie is just instinctual to call her. A nickname turned almost name. But when shes in trouble, its DESTINY!??! hehe.

Heres mookie 2 years ago (Siamese mix, I always think of her as my little snow leopard). And looking at this, sheeeeeeesus, she was soooo much skinnier. I think her stomach hangs on the floor almost now. Any diet we try, we just go nuts from her mew meow meow and then runninggg to her food bowl all excited.. we gave in...

PS. my grammar is shat when I write just to write, and spell check seems to pick up things in red lines more times then others, its weird. forgive me. I can write proper with fine grammar... if its for school. which i haven't been to in 5 years, but I miss. Lately I wanna be a doctor. But math... will kill me. I failed algebra one. No, it wasn't even algebra one, it was called "algebra topics" which was algebra one slowed WAYYY down for all the math cants like me. Yea I failed THAT one. But my dad made me get a tutor once a week, and once I actually paid attention instead of passing notes and putting on more eyeliner, It clicked easily and I got an A in the class. Geometry though? fckkkkk. No way no how. Proofs? I got the isosceles triangle and measurements and angles, easy- fine. Then we get to proofs. I cheated majorly in that class. It was sad... everyone did, there were like 3 people that would do the homework and pass copies out to the rest of us. And test time... we all slipped notes back and forth under jacket sleeves. But I got a B. Im not for cheating if its something you really take pride in. I am for it, if its something that you ll dad will rip your report card to shreds and throw the paper at your face. Literally.

what could I NOT write a million dumb words on. Every topic... anything... I could write an ocean. Its almost sad. maybe i should make another non store related blog for this shat. i have a need to write. and when I do, its alot. even if it was about apples.

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artlover said...

Lovely eyes on your cat.

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