March 19, 2010

Etsy shopping for baby Fivel.

Words cant convey my love for this puppy, i seriously feel like i have a new infant to care for. And care about in crazy protective ways I didn't know I had in me. But anyways, at the salvation army today I found a little terracotta leather backpack with cute stitching, and my first thought? yay my papoose carrier for fivel! I know I KNOW. But you'd have to see him in it and how dam cute the whole ordeal is. He really likes it in there. I cut out all the inside fabrics and foam parts, then scissor cut a circle initially, so he could poke his head out a tiny bit, then i gave the circle ears and it looked like a devil, so I then made it into a square, and NOW mannnn, he can get out of the fckn square. And I thought it was the perfect size for his head to peak through, and now shit... its to big. But once im walking with him, yeah strapped on like a papoose hehe ( i hate that word papoose...really cringeworthy) he doesn't try to squirm out, out of fear, from the distance to the ground... just once I put the bag down on my bed he goes nuts to get out. But when carrying him, he just pokes his head and ears out. It looks like a backpack with a dog head in the middle, its so cute and pretty wtf funny. But hey, he started liking it,...kinda... no torture device! Just maybe if I go to the market or somethin... hehehe

Anyways then my brilliant idea of what can I do to the backpack thing.... cause I can never help myself... I thought carving out an F. But way to hard. So etsy is good for almost everything, search: vintage: F pin. Didn't find much, so i went with buying cute vintage pins of all the animals he reminds me of. A deer mostly. but as well a siamese, FOX, kangaroo, and mouse of course :)

I bought them all, im such a dork i know but oh well. Im gonna pin them all the the bottom.
Watch, he'll bite and tear at the ventilation square I cut,and rip the leather with his baby teeth, and then I got some funny animal pins. eh there so cute im sure ill figure something good out... sorry this is pretty not intersting.. butttt

Heres the pins, and new pictures of fivel. Sleeping on Hayden, and making his funny serious face with my mom. Oh, the chihuahua bookmark,... don't ask. I just like it. gah im loosin it.

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