March 5, 2010

New baby fivel.

Never cared for chihuahua's or yappy small dogs in general. They gotta bad rep for sure, which sucks, cause this dog is the sweetest, smartest, loving, non-yappy, loving little dog ever. And I could not be happier. So glad I dismissed everyone who said I would go nuts having a chihuahua and why spend 8grand on some rat when you could save another poor dogs life? Well I am the biggest animal lover there is, and hopefully one day can have a ranch and save every pound animal out there. But hey, dogs at pet stores need to be saved to.

Fivel is almost 5months, think hes a miniature one, not teacup, but not going to get to big.

My other baby, my half Siamese queen mookie, is cooping better then I thought. She does
not seem to understand quite... what he is. Its like a deer, mouse, siamese, dog, and fennec fox all got together, some gangbang 200 yrs ago and came up with this. ew shut up jacqleen. heh anyways he mainly reminds me of a baby fox. Hes burrows and digs and climbs around your neck to sleep... he HOPS so dam high, I wanted a fennec fox BAD and was ready to find someone in Oregon where its legal to help me get one, but fivel acts more like a cuddly fox then anything, im so overjoyed.

Yet to get a really good picture of him, he doesn't like the camera and wont sit still for it, but here he is with my mama, (who swore off anymore animals, as me and my sister have left her with 4 she takes care of that we begged her for when younger, but shes almost more obsessed with this lil guy then me and hayden)

on my moms lap, tired fivel


Billy Angel said...

Oh he's so adorable. I have always loved chihuahuas and have always had one or two at the same time. Your little Fivel looks exactly like my little Billie who died 3 years ago. Now I have two little champagne ones. Enjoy your little baby.

Rachael Thomas said...

He is soooo cute and little! What big ears! I wish my chihuahua's ears stuck up like that! So darling.

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