March 6, 2010

The Box?? James marsden I LOVE YOU.

Ok who saw the movie "the box"?? I mean coming from the director of Donnie darko, I figured i'd posses that very on purpose, confusing undertone, meant to be deciphered by watchers in a million ways... so nothin else is out movies are pretty take it or leave it lately, - just on demand rented this box stuff... no spoilers, but 30 min in, I thought I had it completely figured out...

The goal, the cycle of the box, the purpose, the nasa underlying involvement obviousness, and the upcoming sadness. But maybe I drifted off at some crucial parts while drawing in my sketchbook (how artistic fuck you did that sound ? no I really suck, but love trying) and im left pondering the very very close to end sad scene, the actual end, and the half faced man looking at his 'next box. Because, I don't want to mess it up for anyone, I dont want to state my conclusion or take, cause im also pretty dam confused. But I always feel like a fucktard reading Guilty on many occasions, but can someone help me out??? Maybe the cheap trader joe's red headachey wine. But I thought this would be a more confessedly fun, lil somewhat thrilling, non-amazing piece of work- like 'eagle eye' or some gov. shit. Trailers really mislead you. SCI FI and just SAD and WTFFFFFF. And gah with that santa ringing the bell in a trance, just camping out in the middle of the road?, try any harder for the donnie darko weirdness factor?? c'mon

shha. Did watch inglorious bastards with my sister before this box, 2nd time seeing it and loved it 5 times more. I have some peeves with it. But brad pitt (and the tension, amazing acting, high autenticity and take on it) make me just wish i was half as genius as quentin, who i have a slight love/hate relationship with. But brad... NOVACK FROM THE OFFICE?? ahaha my awkward little ryan, anyways pitt just makes me laugh and smile and really really puts me in a trance of wishful momentary thinking, that perhaps im watching a documentary, and the atrocities actually did end much sooner then the abhors that continued in actuality. Think if I had a bat, staring at a nazi who so easily did away with precious scared children, there families... id have no problem smashing that cunning smile/pound his skull in; office space printer style, at all. Nope, I would not care. not even slightly.

ps. james marsden! im so happy this guy is now in a leading role. 2nd noah anyone? darby made it half assed somehow, but I love james. I think he has a very uncontrived, and realistic way of presenting his lines and expressions. ok seven thousand dresses wasn't a remarkable performance, but I hope to see him get into more grit. He can make me cry... and I like that.

A bit tipsy, and about to go plier in some leafs for my not selling '3 pearls in a pod necklace'.
Those things are trickier then i initially remembered bending to pod form. gah I hate when you do something random and almost effortless with no expectations for the outcome, then when you try again, ACTUALLY trying, its ironically much harder.

Don't drink and blog,

i posted some god awful unreadable message several days ago, without my glasses on, abit buzzed, and god the shame of seeing that I actually published the post... shit. Luckily no one really read it. Blogger+crazy lil me+drinks, is one big fking mess. but im sure it will happen on many lovely upcoming occasions.

I love violet bella. Her photo is utterly my dream girl lesbo-straight crush. and she needs to come to LA now. I want to braid your hair, and dance. I was serious when I said I love loving strangers.

Mookie attacked Fivel tonight. I felt so mean givin mooks a lil spanking and kicking her outside. Lil tail between her now chubby thighs, just so disgruntled. Just when I thought maybe she'd want to snuggle w him. I think I pushed the boundaries alil to far. I basically took them both in each arm and tried to make them hug. tehehehehe I'm on a mission for cats and lil dogs to cut the shit out and be like these oddball couple miracles on animal planet. I believe in you mooks. i do

shes hissing at me only a little bit. and i want to pick her up by her scruff and knock some sense into her. then a stop and think, shesus.... what kinda mother am I going to make?
but don't attack an innocent baby puppy :( so mean mookie. so mean


cinta / sepi / sayu said...

haha, a drunk post? sounds like oodles of fun. i wonder what you said. that's so cute, i have a close friend named mooki. he can be mean sometimes. xx

Sara LeeAnn said...

Oh my word. I seriously heart this post because I was drinking red wine and watching The Box myself just last weekend, and after about an hour, I looked over at my honey and said, "That's an hour of life I can never get back. Ever." Then I poured more red wine.

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