April 26, 2010

PHOTOSHOP HELP POST. You ask, ill answer.

Ive been trying to get this "camstudio" free screen recording program downloaded, so I can make some photoshop video tutorials, but its being stupid and not opening :/
I think questions about my jewelry item photos- fill up a good 60% of my etsy convo mechinism. Have no idea, if this post will speak to anyone, but why not. 

Just wanted to offer on my blog, any of you with any photoshop questions, whether specific, detailed....I would love to answer best I can with a clear outline of HOW-TO in photoshop. 

For example: you want your photos to appear bright but not sooo bright and cant figure out other ways besides the bright tool. Or you want to figure out shadowing/highlights. Or how to make a center light. Or how to change only certain areas of your photo. How to sharpen wisely. How to rid noise, or add it done right. How to use blurs in wondrous ways. How to make photos look older. How to change specific colors. How to use curves. How to use curves to create retro looks. How to offset b/w photos for an aged look. How to create crushed blacks. How to give your shadows the right coloring, how to correct your whites, clever/easy ways to slightly distort photos, best ways to use liquify, how to use the "artistic tools" to your best advantage. How to work with layers. ETC ETC. 

Anything you cant figure out and is driving you nuts. ASK AWAY!! :)


Anonymous said...

thank u........................................

Anonymous said...

maybe you could explain how people do such smooth and glowing skin on photos where they're wearing necklaces? And how the necklace itself stays sharp?

i'm also reading you etsy forum thread - very helpful and interesting, thank you!:)


Anonymous said...

Well done!........................................

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