May 5, 2010

Nutrition blog worth reading weekly.

Not because she is my older sister, Victoria Michelle, but because of her in depth personal/accumulated knowledge on the subject of nutrition/weight loss/health/exercise, that I must tell anyone reading...

to bookmark/follow, or just read this amazing little blog.

I know how much time she has spent on it, and how detailed she has written, and how much it would mean to her, for even one person to be interested in. Shes the epitome of humble, and really does offer up some experienced advice. With zero shame ( and why should there be, were so critical) writes, and time lines her own weight struggles with photos and stories. Consistent and well written tips on foods that we have 'deemed' bad but not the case.., foods you wouldn't thought could be so filling, the deal on fiber, example eating plans in detailed outlines, etcc etccc, somethin to motivate us 10 pound hanging on-ers. i cant coin shit, or even put that silly shat attempt ..into... ah geod... im just going to stop writing. BUT------------

The 'Go-To' Girl's Guide to Nutrition and Exercise

 Link to her new found blog niche below :)

1 comment:

Vicky said...

Thanks Jackie for the plug! I love you so much! What you wrote is so sweet, especially since I know you are not feeling too well right now. Love you sister!

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