May 6, 2010

Its just a dream....please?

I dont know what a good dream is. I have had nightmares every single night for 10+ years. I don't know anything else but these worlds that have...become. And they repeat. It may sound not that weird, but its usually a place...a map that is wrong, as far what we know. Lebanon is above Alaska, and above that, is North Carolina. But to the east, its these islands. Where the tide is so high, it falls onto our car as were driving on this creepy dark mountain trail. splashing over us, and we swerve. Then somehow the sky is black...the ocean is black...and theres thousands of decayed cats floating EVERYWHERE on the ocean surface...from the shore, till your eyes get lost in the layered dark color scales that eventually dissipate. They look taxodermed. Its scary. Some are babies...dead drifting from there mothers. In this literally- ghastly charcoal coated ocean. Beyond...there is land....not to far...but its strange. I almost feel safer in this ink among the limp cats, then on that island. And im kinda floating, farther away from the grey island. And now there are these mountain lions swimming around, replacing sharks almost. There trying to bite me, there fangs and aggression ignite this survival instinct in me, I cant explain. and im in some weird raft float. I keep kicking them, in the face and there getting more insane. A bite pierces through my shoes...and i feel an astonished shock of pain... im screaming, and two of them...there looking at me...blood from there fangs, waiting, or something.. I recall vivid thought, the insane visual of mountain lions as sea creatures just casually swimming around, and the profound sense of wrong, terror. and blehhh i am delirious... ive been sleeping so much.. i have a viral stomach flu... and feel like dead walking and am not aware of why, what im writing.

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Vicky said...

I think the stomach flu is screwing with you! Poor thing!! I'll see you in two weeks (May 21), I hope you are feeling 100x better then! :)

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