June 20, 2010

F--- the bad reviews

The movie shutter island, was PERFECT, provoking, atomosphereic, visually stunning, and fuck.... leo's performances these past several years, come through the dam screen and grab you. In the best ways possible.

So good. Sorcesse fans- eh there just jaded.

for anyone who did see it- no spoiler- but youll know the part,
one of my favorites, the intense pen to paper scratching, growing, with
LD's ways of doing snarky and audacity-factor dialouge--- just fking amazing
'AMEN' moments, he delivers, and his eyes...., ugh he is my favorite these days.

Wow crispin was in alice in wonderland?

I miss him.

Speaking of that.......... (it sucked, but another time i guess ill write my mindless thoughts about it. doubt anyones dying to hear it ;)

lalalalalalalalalalaalala, need to duplicate, edit photos, VIRURS on one of my computers, printer isnt worked, no sales past two days, lowered ALL seaunicorn prices, blue screen of death BS (no really IT people call it this. Or BSOD tehehe)
I may be moving this month, not by choice, to another state...

ANYWHERE but here. Ive lived in LA my whole life, and im over it. To little of time to waste here. Portland, I want to come your way........ !!!!!!

Live in the "matise" or riverfront apt insanely amazing complexes. Sell my car, get a bike, and start over in a new enviroment. Its so smoggy, hot crowded, and materialistic here. Maybe everywhere, but LA is the fkin pits to me right now.

who am i talking to?

vent, im venting, i think? man, i need a diary, or a therapist. No many words and thoughts . arggggggggg

love you al,

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Lauren Nicole said...

i really loved 'shutter island' too, it reminded me a lot of 'secret window'. :] personally, i like M.S.'s films in the last 10ish years than i like all of his older stuff. it's more story/script strong and not so much about how much blood and guns can be put into it.

anyway, i kind of liked alice in wonderland. visually, it was amazing, but the plot was so weak, bleh.

sorry about all your computer issues! like i said in my message earlier, to some people it may not be a huge deal and in the big picture it really isnt; but when you have no computer or internet, life's not as good or productive, really, haha. <3 <3
- L

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