June 18, 2010

NECKLACE GIVEWAY post UPDATE!!! HINTTT and one option-- OUT.

Making it easier I hope :)

The answer that is NOT,
a current hobby/or something im able to do........

 paint and distress furniture ;)
 (not enough reason to these days)

3 options now,


and just to reiterate,
to people who have posted-
Im edit copy pasteing the latest comment i wrote; in the main GIVEAWAY POST,

that, triggered this............ NEW post,

here it is:  ( i suck at writing without gettin wordy)

humdudahum said...

im gonna just do a lil favor for you's guys...Paint and distress furniture-
IS NOT the answer. Had a year run wear it was a fun weekend hobby,
but, nowadays i dont have the time. I wish though...Only cause,
so many people think this is....my lil thing out of all others, bahaha,
i just have to step in. And good call, but not in the options anymore.

So for anyone who DID write this as there answer,
you guys can answer ONE MORE TIME. now that u know;
your answer was wrong- look at the other 3 and try once more :)

i want everyone to win...I will make a post update,
that distress/paint old furniture, is ZAP.
No longer in the game...

June 18, 2010 9:12 PM

love love love to you all,


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