June 25, 2010


Thanks so much to all of you who took a second to vote, it means so much to me! And as well, I hope can help fellow jewelry sellers, get more valued feedback from those who matter most, our customers!

A few votes surpised me, but overall, the winning votes, did not. As I feel in the same boat. Though, I am sick of about 7 others of those trends listed ;).

The main results were as follows

What would you like to

see more of at seaunicorn:

1. %7 picked similar options
2. 4% voted more silver options
3. 3% percent voted more locket pendant pairings and also 3% who would
like to see more earring and rings
4. %2 voted for more ornate
5. 0% percent wanted to see options for brides.

Based on 11 people.

What trends/themes are you- in general; sick of/over... if any

Abit all over the map here, but main results:

1. With 6 % of folks sick of steampunk/twilight related
2. Paris france related at 5 percent
3. Crowns at 4%, and roses/zech flowers at 4%

Based on 13 people.

What stops you from buying at seaunicorn?

1. Price based on 6% of votes, highest. ( I lowered every item price significantly.)
2. 5% of those who voted as- having there eye on things.
3. 4% waiting for new items, 4% voted nothing hold them back but there bank account, and 4 % voted they couldnt decide on one thing
4. A few 1% votes, of nothing was quite me enough, or its all to girlie, I take into consideration and thank you!!

Based on 14 people

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