June 25, 2010

Poll feedback from yous guys?

I love polls, i feel dorky putting them up and writing in the answers, but was happy
a nice lil group did participate day by day. And I really loved to see the results and found them helpful.

So I wanted to continue with the polls, but new ones everyweek,

And id love all the votes, that could help all us jewelry designers, even if its maybe not what we'd want to hear. We do it all for you, and I want to make sure I myself, truly consider whats an item or somthing to light up someones day, for lower prices now.

If you guys didnt like the polls to much, or thought there were to many answer options provided, please comment saying so,

And if you enjoyed the idea and watching the results, say so as well :)))

Thanks so much!

Much loveeeeeeee to you all and best of luck as always,


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