June 25, 2010

LOOKING FOR logo/graphic art designer, for seaunicorn.

Really am looking for best of the best.
Costs- name your price, and if i believe in your skill, sold.

Random people whoever, anyone with intermediate photoshop/other digital art programing knowledge, ILLUSTRATORS!!!, in which I would be using a team,
Those with ideas, sketches, concepts, ive run out of time to do all the fun stuff
these days, And really want some professional or starving talent, to work with,
and really give seaunicorn a logo/slogan/design concept for such/illustration/

(a narwhal whale is key.)

The vibe I want is classy, appealing, whislt keeping the quirky playfullness of the narwhal whale, in which i want an illustration. Superior and super amazing font, im picky and have tons of fonts of my own, orator being a fav...

Ive had slogans etc, but Ive changed them over time and growth with my store, and now... as I know seaunicorn jewelry will soon be holding a vast variety of items, all unique, thought out, and made with every idea in me, the slogan "whatever your fancy", isnt doing it for me anymore. Its to vauge, but i dont want anything to direct.

Im not one to create a store around a trend. Things change, and fast. Innovation, is key to me. So any whimsical slogans---- out the window. The magical etc stuff worked at a time for the time it was oh so magic ridden, and the items were magical.

I love magical but when you start seeing it thrown up over etsy, every which way....its not so magical feeling anymore.

Anyways bottom line, I know there are so many people on here who do insane things,
and if ANY one of my little follow population (small and cozy  :) and gah hate the word follow, but IF any of you creative folks, looking for a job, or those of you who havent dwelved in yet, but have imagery to support your interest and premise to me.....

DO IT!!!

GO anyone!

Now is the time.

Seaunicorn is growing in ways top secret and unknown to the public,

And i need you digital concept artists.

like now.

AGAIN-------- i dont care what your charge is, if youve down cd cover design for the dears or whoever, name your price. Cause, shits taking off fast and the cost----
right now, happily, mean nothing to me. As I am not paying it. The top secret team is.
muahahahahahha, i wish i could reveal the future of seaunicorn, but i cant,
not yet, maybe not for awhile, but I need the BEST OF THE BEST

convo me.


Holland said...

What exactly art you looking for? I can make whatever for little cost..

Holland said...


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