June 20, 2010

Rick berg/rodriquez documentary. If you havent seen it, I promise you-- you wont regret.

45 minutes of your life, that will not be wasted.

This documentary gets to the point, and the intensity starts pretty fast.
So if your not into it within 2 minutes- its not for you plausibly

But, I cant imagine, someone who wouldn't be- sadly captivated, by this real, poignant, disturbing, heart breaking, yet somehow "freeing", insane story of one boy to man and his chosen departure...

Perhaps I was left so sad... or felt a sense of - this saint watching us all,
who is finally, finally- using his profound need to help people, above us, somewhere...
I know he is a higher creation's masterpiece, sent to the abomination of his mother, for a purpose...sadly in that life, he'd never understand, TILL death. But for me, personally...no- one person's-raw emotion, burning eyes, life story, has ever effected- moved- horrified- and deeply touched me on a level i wasn't yet aware I had.

Many know about the "children of god cult", but few to many, have heard/watched, there adopted baby messiah- rick bergs---- life and death history.

It may not shock some of you, or hit home to your heart, and for others it may border on tooo disturbing or to much emotional insanity and imagery to handle.

I don't know...

Sorry to drag whatever out, I could probably write a book on this abomination, so forgive my ramblings....



I want to grab him threw the video...
and hug him. its so painful .....
worth watching, most definitely.
Just to prevail his message....

love to you all, and tonight our love--
sending to rick, for taking his own,
just to make one of them-- wake up.
And he did not go- in vain.

Thus why I probably feel this need to further get his story heard,
for the sake, that what he died for was wishing to instill, and getting
not only the repsonse he didnt want, but the audacity of the blank confused face,
"they didnt even get it". And he felt, FUCK. I failed, but I also took a life,
desperate for answers... and they dont even fucking get that what they did was
wrong in anyway?! His ending, is more then tragic. Almost makes me wanna get ahold of that mother of his, and demand some answers as to HOW having sex with your five year old son is ok? and FUCK your free love bullshit. the 70's right? well, bitch i deem you worse then manson himself. And I loathe that crazy ridiculous fucker. BUT fuck you lady. ------ugh, shes still alive, still active in the cult, despite her sons suicide, her daughters exotic dancing and hookering to support her drug habbit. I dont blame her.
Thats what she knows. And what she hates, And the hate for men, slave to coke addiction, kill the memories of your dads tongue up your crotch and sodimy at 12 by not only your dad, but 50 other guys. ...I feel like, i may have been her... in one of my 5 lives. The pain/way she laughs when talking, and is in tears at the same time. Thatd be me. Dying for normalcy, trying to pass it off as.... gah crazy shit, but really- cant even fool anyone, the pain and permanent tear stained glass of the eyes, I love her just for even being able to try and add some form of lightness or humor.
Neverending. Sex/child orientanted shit going on almost at last one home on ...ok two blocks, F the "children of god" and the fuckin scum that molest there babies.

im so sick of it. How the shit.

Ohhhhhhhh the human race --- at times, just the fking biggest disgrace.



The scenes of setting the doves representing the 30- other kids raised in the cult who- killed themselves...and the last 10-6 minutes........i ache


Bree said...

it's so sick isn't it. very disturbing. i don't even want to try to understand freak evil people like that.

The Gladdest Of Glad said...

I watched it and cried.. there is nothing else you can do. But like you said he died for his parents sins.. so tragic..

organiparadox said...

thanks for posting this. ignorance is certainly the name of the human game. yet somehow, i still believe that love will prevail. it sucks that our existence is so designed that this type of suffering is allowed to be as prevalent as it is. I am convinced that suffering is not "error" on the part of our creator, and there IS a grand design, I know it,because at the same time, there is such human dignity and care and warmth in other corners. What can we do but be kind?

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