March 15, 2010

Wha?? I WON!!! YAY!! Best etsy product photos!!

Was so surprised to see a lil "2010 winner" label over my name, I was in 2nd but pretty far behind ayra weddings beautiful work. I'm so shocked, as I pretty much gave up voting there at the end, or trying to get anyone else to...BUT YEEEEEEEE!! so awesome, and everyone who voted for me, like I said in the initial post, if I won- id send you all a free locket.

And Im sticking to my word. FREE lockets to everyone who commented that they voted!

Please leave a comment on this post, if you prefer a 24 inch gold snake chain, or 17 inch with the locket. (only options)

And then convo me your address on etsy :) USERNAME: seaunicorn

yay yay yay!


DFY said...

Yay! I'm so glad you won!

Strawberry Templetons said...

Congratulations! I voted for you but have since changed my username and picture. But if you click on me (I was C-Money, the first post) then you'll see I'm now Strawberry Templetons...confusing, sorry! But again, congrats on the win!! 17 inch would be the greatest! Thanks! :)

Chani said...

I'm so glad you won! You seriously deserve it, your pictures are AMAZING! I'm also really happy I stopped by your blog when you wrote about the voting and that I could vote for you and I'm soooo excited to get a locket (are you serious??) I'll contact you by email. Thanks so much my dear!
Love, Chani

patk860 said...

oh that's great! i'm very happy for you! i'm very psyched to receive one of your lockets.... that is just the greatest but seriously, i would have voted anyway cause i'm loving your photos. come by & visit me sometime!
off to convo you.... pat

yili said...

thats awesome, congratulations!! I followed another commenter and voted once everyday haha your jewels are indeed the prettiest, you deserved to win this.

Anonymous said...

24 inch gold snake chain would be great:)!
thank you!

Pan said...

Hooray! I'm so glad you won (besides the free gifties) you really deserve it! Your photos really are so beautiful, and make me want all your necklaces even more! I still am in shock that you are sending out lockets to us, you are just the sweetest. If possible I'd like the 17 inch chain, but whatever you have available or more of is fine with me!

I'm panncake on etsy, will be convo-ing you shortly. :) Congrats!!

Anonymous said...

hello! congratulations! you deserve it both because of your gorgeous pics and because I love your blog so mucho! you brighten my days with your ramblings.

I kept my promise and voted everyday ;D

And I will like the 17in with the locket. I'm actually quite happy!!

Have a lovely day, I'm off to sending you an email.

Art and Clasp said...

Hello Jacqleen! Your jewelry store is one of my favorites on Etsy and I hopped over to your blog for the first time today. Your photography is phenomenal! Congratulations on your win :D

Maria Jose said...

Hi Jacqleen!
Your jewelry store is amazing. Your blog's photos are also very interesting. Congratulations for your win.
I voted for you but I'm not sure If too late, and the vote did not help. I'm so sorry... Anyway many congratulations for winning.


lorena said...

hi jacqleen!
Congratulations. I am delighted that you have won, but sad because I voted you and then I forgot to leave the comment and I love very much your necklaces!!! Well congrats anyway ...

Here are my email:

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