March 18, 2010


Dress form
A large antique golden harp :)
A royal dandy pig. (they stay piglet size!!) google now if you havent seen them, so cute!
Dresses from sarahseven on etsy
Glimmery muted gold curtains with some twinkle
a tamagachi virtual pet from the 90's. hehehe
glass slippers. really.
a new camera!
a video camera
Renaissance costume-like Victorian movie set big ornate ballgowns. I like dress up
A hair grow miracle.
realistic mermaids fins.
The bravery to shave my head.
French bistro patio set.
Gardening stuff. I want to plant seeds and have a little pomegranate tree.
A fountain. Just everything to complete my wonderland backyard...a ladder into the treehourse im making, tea lights, a grill, white roses, baby trees, lanterns, koi fish pond. finish painting the victorian shed and make it a place to sleep, ah ill get it done one day.


Anonymous said...

what a fun list! i totally covet those sarahseven dresses, too....

DFY said...

Hehe I have a huge wishlist too! I'm saving up every penny.

Rachael Thomas said...

I want a video camera too! And models... I'm sick of my shop being full of my face!

from lara said...

love love sarah seven dresses as well :)

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